Monday, July 19, 2010

One Week To Go Until RUN FOR YOUR WIFE Begins

It's a great summer here in NYC...very productive with THE WATCHERS and THE BEACHCOMBER under my belt.

It's just about that time to head to Danville, KY to start work on RUN FOR YOUR WIFE. Things seem to be going very well at the Playhouse this season, with great reviews for all of the shows and for actor Chris Kateff, who I hope to be acting alongside again in RFYW. MIDSUMMER director Katherine Carter is currently in Danville right now, putting the comedy FOR BETTER together. I wish her and the cast well.

The travel to Danville should be an entertaining one. Our fearless leader Larry Lesher has acquired an SUV that will transport the both of us, as well as Matt Harris, Synge Maher and Emily King-Brown. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to run lines during the long drive (approximately 12 hours).

I'm very excited to start work on the play. The lines are down, but learning the lines is the easy's putting it all together is where the work is...and where the fun is.

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