Friday, July 30, 2010

ACT ONE Of The Play Is Completely Blocked

In two days, director Larry Lesher managed to block the entire first act, which we will be reviewing this morning.

Last evening, Larry and I worked on shaping a few comic moments with actress Synge Maher, who plays my wife Barbara. We came up with some very physical movements...which should be a lot of fun.

We started blocking the first couple of pages of ACT TWO yesterday afternoon, so I have doubt that the entire play will be blocked by the end of this weekend.

Good News! Chris Kateff and I will be plugging the show on a morning television show in Lexington, KY this coming week. Hopefully, there will be a link to the interview when it airs.

Everyone is doing fantastic work already, including Daniel Hall Kuhn, a veteran of the Playhouse, who is playing the role of Detective Sgt. Troughton.

We are blessed to have a top notch stage manager in Erica Lynn French and assistant stage manager Katie Sawhill.

A few production photos were taken yesterday (more to come) and a few of them came out looking pretty nice, so hopefully they will be posted on this site soon.

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