Friday, July 30, 2010

ACT ONE Of The Play Is Completely Blocked

In two days, director Larry Lesher managed to block the entire first act, which we will be reviewing this morning.

Last evening, Larry and I worked on shaping a few comic moments with actress Synge Maher, who plays my wife Barbara. We came up with some very physical movements...which should be a lot of fun.

We started blocking the first couple of pages of ACT TWO yesterday afternoon, so I have doubt that the entire play will be blocked by the end of this weekend.

Good News! Chris Kateff and I will be plugging the show on a morning television show in Lexington, KY this coming week. Hopefully, there will be a link to the interview when it airs.

Everyone is doing fantastic work already, including Daniel Hall Kuhn, a veteran of the Playhouse, who is playing the role of Detective Sgt. Troughton.

We are blessed to have a top notch stage manager in Erica Lynn French and assistant stage manager Katie Sawhill.

A few production photos were taken yesterday (more to come) and a few of them came out looking pretty nice, so hopefully they will be posted on this site soon.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RUN FOR YOUR WIFE - First Rehearsal

We managed to block the first 30 or so pages of the play, so we are off to a good start.

While I know the lines, I stumbled a little trying to figure out the cues, but that's normal for the first day of blocking, so I am not too concerned.

The cast plans on plugging the show as much as possible in the coming days, so keep an eye out for postings on Facebook.


I received the following from JACK JIMMINY director Louis Silverstein.

So we have been talking with a studio about distribution, and we are in the final stages of signing the contract, but before we conclude the deal we need to make some changes to the film. So... instead of sending out the old cut we are going to postpone sending the DVD's until we get the cut that will be distributed. By the end of the week I should be able to tell you the name of the company that is distributing the film. And we will have the new cut done in the next 30 days. Sorry for the delay, but it will be well worth it!



I received the following from director Sean Meehan

Hey everyone,

As you could tell from my text last nite...I'm a little excited :) So, what do we do from here? Basically we send this link to any and everyone you know, and ask them to vote for THE BEACHCOMBER.

Make sure they click on our film's thumbnail first, so it pulls up our video!

I said it before and I'll probably say it again, but you all were so fantastic, understanding and professional when working with me that I attribute the success we've had so far completely to all of you. The film is nothing without the players, and I truly mean that.

Cheers, and let's go for the gold!

Sean Meehan

I Have Arrived in Danville

Yestedays' drive to Danville, KY was a long one, but a fun and memorable one. The cast made it to Danville at around 8:30, got settled and then immediately celebrated the opening night of the play FOR BETTER, directed by my MIDSUMMER director Katherine Carter.

This morning, the cast did a readthrough of the play, which went very well. Very energetic.

In just a few minutes, we begin blocking the play.

This is going to be great!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Off to Danville Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day!

The gang, consisting of myself, Larry Lesher, Matt Harris, Synge Maher and Emily King, will be leaving NYC at 5AM to make the 12 hour trek to Danville, KY.

Rehearsals start on Wednesday, he 28th.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

12 ANGRY MEN Meeting

Todays' meeting with Larry Lesher and Jonathan Emerson was a very productive one. Both love the idea of doing 12 ANGRY MEN, but we are in early stages, so nothing is set in stone as of yet.

We did talk schedules and if 12 ANGRY MEN were to go up, performances would take place for 2 weeks in mid-October, meaning rehearsals would start not long after the return from Danville.

Larry pitched a few other shows as well, including the award winning ART by Yazmina Reza and a personal favorite of his, THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

Stay tuned for more details.

BlogCritics Interview on RUN FOR YOUR WIFE

Interview: Timothy J. Cox at the Pioneer Playhouse in Run For Your Wife

Hannah Marie Ellison — Published: Jul 25, 2010

The 33 year old actor has enjoyed a busy summer, with his appearances in the soon to be released films The Watchers, Argyle and The Beach Comber.

But the bulk of his time has been spent preparing for his next theatrical project, a revival of the hilarious farce from British playwright Ray Cooney, Run For Your Wife, which starts rehearsals this coming week at the legendary outdoor summer theatre, the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky. The comedy is going to be directed by Playhouse alum Lawrence Lesher, a frequent collaborator and close friend of the actor.

In the production, Cox plays John Smith, an average guy with an average name and looks, who works in London as a taxi driver and is happily married to two beautiful women (Synge Maher, a Pioneer Playhouse veteran in her own right and Emily King) in two different homes. Apparently this works out well enough for him until he is bopped on the head and, in a dazed state, gives one address to the police and the other to the hospital. Soon, police officers are ringing the doorbells at each home to investigate the inconsistency. John and Stanley Gardner (to be played by Chris Kateff, who appeared with Cox in a splendid production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream this past winter at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City), his cheerfully unemployed and flippant neighbor at household No. 1, then begin to pile on the lies.

That’s when things get really interesting. Each lie is more outrageous than the one before, all in an effort to try to prevent the police and his wives from knowing he's a bigamist. The result is a play that makes misunderstanding hilarious.

This marks the actor's second visit to the Pioneer Playhouse, the last of a dying breed of the old summer stock theatres, which has enjoyed a rich, six decade tenure at its site in Danville's Boyle County. Alumnus from their long roster of actors include John Travolta, Lee Majors and the late Jim Varney, who was considered one of the finest actors in the theatre's history.

Cox appeared for the first time at the Playhouse in the summer of 2007, appearing in a wide variety of roles: the title character in the adorable Babe the Sheep Pig, a pompous doctor in The Servant of Two Masters (directed by Lesher), a not-so suave Castilian Spaniard in the female version of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple (also directed by Lesher) and, finally, as an irascible old coot in Catherine Bush's original comedy A Jarful Of Fireflies, which took a fictionalized look at the real life Danville in the 1950's as it awaited the arrival of film stars Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Eva Marie Saint, Lee Marvin and the crew for the film Raintree County, which was filmed in Danville at that time. Cox's work was praised by critics and audiences alike, including a rather amusing review of his work in Babe the Sheep Pig by the Danville Advocate Messenger, where he was described as "delightfully porcine".

The actor is delighted to return to the Pioneer Playhouse again and took a few minutes, in the days before departing for Danville, to sit and talk with BlogCritics about his return and Run For Your Wife:

BlogCritics: What's bringing you back to the Pioneer Playhouse?

Timothy J. Cox: I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent at the theatre in the summer of 2007, so I was always looking for an excuse to go back and was thrilled when Holly Henson (Artistic Director of the Pioneer Playhouse) invited me back, along with director Lawrence Lesher, Matthew Harris and Synge Maher (all fellow veterans of the Playhouse and close friends), as well as first timers to the Playhouse in Emily King and Chris Kateff. There’s the joy of having the chance to work with dear friends, all extraordinarily gifted actors. Plus, there’s something very warm and welcoming about the people in Danville. They really get into the shows and are engaged in what’s taking place on the stage. That kind of enthusiasm energizes you as an actor. The history that the theatre has made over the years impresses the heck out of me as well. Six decades? Not many theatres can lay claim to that kind of longevity.

BlogCritics: Why Run For Your Wife?

Timothy J. Cox: Larry (Lesher) had always wanted to do the play. He pitched it to both Holly and her mother Charlotte, who makes all of the final decisions as far as productions are concerned. They said yes and here we are.

BlogCritics: You and Mr. Lesher have collaborated on a number projects:

Timothy J. Cox: We have indeed. We may even be collaborating again on another production in the fall. We click very well together, I think. He puts a lot of trust in his actors, let's you play around and have fun. I have such respect for him and admire the way he's able to craft comic moments. Best of all, he becomes your biggest fan in rehearsals, is always encouraging and supportive, which is what an actor needs from a director. As for the play itself, well it's just drop dead hilarious from start to finish. So wild and off the wall. I’ll read scenes on the subway here and I’ll start to chuckle out loud. Matt (Harris), who’s going to great as this flamboyant neighbor who pops in and out of the show, and I got together recently and we couldn't contain our excitement over this opportunity to come back and do this wonderful play. I’m delighted and thankful to the folks at the Pioneer Playhouse that the production is going to happen.

BlogCritics: The show was written and set during the 1980’s, but your production is going in a different route.

Timothy J. Cox: Yes, Larry’s setting the show in the 1960’s, so that should be a lot of fun, although these folks are hardly the types you’d picture popping up during the “Swinging 60’s”, so it will be interesting.

BlogCritics: Talk about the character of John Smith.

Timothy J. Cox: I love John. He’s a goof. with all of these off the wall lies that he and Stanley come up with to keep this ruse going. He’s a lovable idiot. I think it makes him likable and even a little sympathetic, rather than just a two-timing heel. We’ll see what an audience thinks.

BlogCritics: You start rehearsals on July 28th and the show opens on August 10th. That’s not a lot of time to prepare.

Timothy J. Cox: Actually, it’s plenty of time. The way the Pioneer Playhouse works is this. You get up, have a little breakfast and then go off to rehearsal for about three hours. Then you have a little lunch and then go back and rehearse some more. Our show will likely be rehearsing in the evenings as well, so we’ll certainly be accomplishing quite a bit from that standpoint. On top of the rehearsals, the cast will also be building the set, so we will have plenty of time, it’s important that you stay on your toes and be prepared at all times as far as the “actor” part of you is concerned, but overall, everything should come together nicely. The actors live on the site where the theatre is located, so us New Yorkers don’t have to worry about subways or long travels. In many ways, it’s a vacation. The best part of course is that we actors get to do what we love every day. Nothing better than that. As far as this cast is concerned, each actor has already done a considerable amount of homework and memorization, so when we arrive on the 27th, we can hit the ground running the next morning. And with British accents, you want to be as prepared as you possibly can be. It’ll be a wonderful process. The process of putting it all together is why I love it. It’s work, but it’s also where the fun is. I look forward to laughing a lot in rehearsals.

BlogCritics: Lastly, how do you think the Danville audience is going to react to a play about a man who commits bigamy?

Timothy J. Cox: Look, this is not a Harold Pinter or Tony Kushner play. The play doesn’t set out to make any broad strokes. Ray Cooney wrote a play with one objective: Make ‘ em laugh and keep ‘ em laughing. That’s what we hope to do.

Run For Your Wife runs at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky from from August 10th to the 21st.

For information on the show and on the Pioneer Playhouse, please visit their official website:

For information on Timothy J. Cox, please visit his official website at

RUN FOR YOUR WIFE - 1996 Production

Last evening, Larry Lesher and I watched a productiom of RUN FOR YOUR WIFE from 1996,
produced by Theatre Winter Haven in Florida.

Larry co-starred in the production as flamboyant upstairs neighbor Bobby Franklyn (a role to be played by Matt Harris in our production, while Larry will be taking on the role of befuddled detective Porterhouse).

This coming winter, Larry will be directing the play in Winter Haven for the first time...and the second time in a year.

It was nice to watch the production, see how it flows, the energy coming all of the performers, which there was in abbundance.

It was a thoroughly enhoyable experience.


I received the following from James Bartlett, director of the music video SOMETHING TO BELIEVE.

Hello All,

"Something to Believe" is finally finished and ready to premier! Yes, after a truly epic process, the video is done and will premier this week. We will be premiering it live TONIGHT in Brooklyn (sorry for the last minute notice, we were recently able to secure a big screen projector) at Blitz' free show at Weeksville Heritage Center,1698 Bergen Street, between Buffalo and Rochester Avenues, in Brooklyn. Blitz will be performing, along with a few special guests, from 6pm to 8pm. Then at 8:30pm we will premier the video live on a big screen. Then next week we will be premiering the video online. We also expect to get the video aired on MTV2 and BET within the next few weeks. We will send everyone the link as soon as it's online.

We hope to see you all tonight, but if you can't make it tonight, the video will also be airing live at the KidFLIX Movie Festival on August 13 in Fulton Park, in Brooklyn. See you all soon!

Here is the Facebook invite for tonight's event:

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I received the following regarding JACK JIMMINY: THE STORY OF A PORNSTAR EXTRA

Dear Jack Jimminy Cast!

We are finally ready to send out DVD's of the film. I know, I am sure you thought we forgot about all of your hard work, but we have not. We have been doing our best to make sure the film has some type of feedback before we sent you the final cut. We still have a few small tweaks to make but we will send out a DVD of a final cut by the end of next week. Also in a week or two we also might have some good news to share with you about the success of the film. We might be getting a distribution deal, thus this film will be online for the masses to watch and in festivals, but I will keep you posted with more info as it comes. Please send me an email with your current address so we can ship you a DVD copy. Thank you for all of your time and hope you enjoy the movie.

Louis and Nolan Silverstein

Friday, July 23, 2010


I spoke to Jeff Moffitt today about the screening of the trailer for THE WATCHERS at the NYFEN (New York Film Exposure Network) charity event which took place last evening. The trailer was featured along with other trailers and received some positive feedback, which is nice to hear.

As far as the film, Jeff says that director Sy Cody White is making some great progress on the editing of the film.

Stay tuned, as the film may be finished in just a couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Latest from THE LITTLE MAGICIAN Director Daniel Lachman

Daniel Lachman, the director of the film I did last year THE LITTLE MAGICIAN, has a new film out and I just finished watching it and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Daniel's film is a documentary titled No Unlawful Sex, which examines the reasons for discrimination against homosexuals in the U.S.

While I myself am not a homosexual, I happen to be good friends with a number of gays and lesbians and I feel that Daniel has created a compelling film that I think the world needs to see.

Please show your support for Daniel and which his film.

No Unlawful Sex: Exploring Discrimination Against Homosexuals from Daniel Lachman on Vimeo.

Best of luck to Daniel.

Interview With BlogCritics' Hannah Marie Ellison on RUN FOR YOUR WIFE

Hannah Marie Ellison of BlogCritics, who has been very kind to me over the past couple of years, has offered to interview me to discuss RUN FOR YOUR WIFE at the Pioneer Playhouse, which I'm delighted to do.

A little free press doesn't hurt anybody.

The interview is taking place this evening and will hopefully be posted quickly.

12 ANGRY MEN Meeting This Sunday

I will be having a sitdown with director Larry Lesher and Queens Shakespeare's Jonathan Emerson to discuss the possible fall revival of 12 ANGRY MEN on Sunday afternoon.

Should be a very productive meeting.

Sean MacBride Murray's Film NIGEL'S COOKIES

Sean MacBride Murray is a dear friend and colleague from ARSENIC AND OLD LACE and from my days at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City.

When Sean is not busy on stage with his numerous theatrical projects, he's learning all he can about the art of filmmaking and I am happy to throw my support behind his newest film NIGEL'S COOKIES, a silent comedy short, in the Buster Keaton mold, that Sean has recently finished. Sean has crafted a charming little film about, as Sean himself says..."a case of mistaken confections".

Congrats to Sean on a job well done!

Check it out.

Nigel's Cookies from Sean MacBride Murray on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I received the following from Jeff Moffitt:


Sy (Cody White, director) and I are attending the NYFEN (New York Film Exposure Network) charity event tomorrow night... Its $30 bucks at the door or $25 if you buy a ticket on line today.

Sy and I are attending..... THE WATCHERS film trailer will be shown as one of the secret FEATURED FIVE. This is a little more expensive than the usual 10 buck fee but it's also a charity event.

Sy and I went round and round with Amore and the editor of the event to get them the WATCHERS trailer via an e-mail file. We squeezed it in yesterday so that's why we are notifying everyone today. We weren't sure if we were going but now that our trailer is one of the featured 5 were in, and a go for tomorrow night.


Unfortunately, I am unable to attend, but I wish Jeff and Sy the best and hope people enjoy the trailer

Queens Shakespeare In Talks to Produce Revival of 12 ANGRY MEN

Last week, I pitched a production proposal to Queens Shakespeare's Nan Asher and Jonathan Emerson...a revival of the Reginald Rose courtroom classic 12 ANGRY MEN, a play I have always wanted to do.

I did a very informal reading of the play about 7 years ago with a few colleagues from my 13th Street Rep days, but a full production never came about.

Hopefully, a full production will happen this time around.

While he hasn't committed yet, director Larry Lesher is in talks to helm the project, which would be fantastic.

Nan, Jonathan, Larry and myself are in the process of trying to nail down a time for the four of us to sit and discuss a production.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New York Innovative Theatre Awards Snub

I was more than a little disappointed when I visited the New York Innovative Theatre Awards website moments ago and saw that A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM was not nominated for a single award. I consider this unacceptable.

I know, awards aren't everything, but considering that we sold out on more than one occassion, were critically acclaimed and fulfilled all of the criteria set forth from the NYIT Staff...we were deserving of acknowledgement.

I guess it is a popularity contest after all.

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Official

THE BEACHCOMBER is officially on the "Beyond The Stills Page!"

The first time to celebrate has come upon us! - we're there!

One Week To Go Until RUN FOR YOUR WIFE Begins

It's a great summer here in NYC...very productive with THE WATCHERS and THE BEACHCOMBER under my belt.

It's just about that time to head to Danville, KY to start work on RUN FOR YOUR WIFE. Things seem to be going very well at the Playhouse this season, with great reviews for all of the shows and for actor Chris Kateff, who I hope to be acting alongside again in RFYW. MIDSUMMER director Katherine Carter is currently in Danville right now, putting the comedy FOR BETTER together. I wish her and the cast well.

The travel to Danville should be an entertaining one. Our fearless leader Larry Lesher has acquired an SUV that will transport the both of us, as well as Matt Harris, Synge Maher and Emily King-Brown. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to run lines during the long drive (approximately 12 hours).

I'm very excited to start work on the play. The lines are down, but learning the lines is the easy's putting it all together is where the work is...and where the fun is.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Here is the final version of THE BEACHCOMBER, directed by Sean Meehan.

Chapter 6: The Beachcomber from Sean Meehan on Vimeo.

I am very happy with how the film came out. According to Sean, here's how the contest breaks down. As far as he can tell, we'll make it onto the contest page in a day or two assuming that we make it to the top 50, which he and I think we have a real shot at doing.

We'll see.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Heard from director Sean Meehan regarding the edits for THE BEACHCOMBER. He's been working like crazy to get the film completed for tomorrow's deadline.

His goal is to finish the edit tonight, so the film will go up online and be live by morning. At the latest he wants to post it by midday tomorrow, but is confident that he can get it done tonight.

Looking forward to seeing the final version of the film.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Thanks to Brian Porco for these great pics from THE BEACHCOMBER.

Screenshots from THE BEACHCOMBER

Thanks to Sean for these great screenshots from THE BEACHCOMBER. It should give you an idea of the look Sean is going for with the film.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Principal Photography On THE BEACHCOMBER Completed

Even in the rain, director Sean Meehan managed to get the final shots he needed to bring THE BEACHCOMBER to a close. We shot at Brighton Beach in Brooklyn and got what we needed in about 35 minutes.

Now Sean has the fun part of putting it all together. The film has to be no longer than four minutes, no easy feat in the film world, but Sean already has a bulk of the film edited.

He hopes to have a cut available for the cast to view on the 16th. The video is due to Vimeo on the 18th, so he has a little time.

Again, I would like thank Sean for the chance to work with him again on this project. Like OVER COFFEE, it was a lot of fun and we're discussing projects we'd like to collaborate on in the future.


I'll be heading to Brighton Beach to film my final scene in THE BEACHCOMBER at around noon this afternoon.

Looking forward to it as always.

HENDRA Reading Last Night

Thanks to playwright Daniel Holloway for the chance to be a part of his reading of HENDRA, which took place at the Schapiro Theatre, near Columbia University, last evening.

The reading went pretty well, I thought, although Daniel, whom I spoke with at length at the conclusion of reading, realizes that with a 4 act, 151 page drama, he has some things to address and possibly change.

From my end, I was all about hearing the story and it was something else. Daniel has a play that, while a potentially tough sell, is something that is sharp, moving, funny and unique. It's a script that deserves to have life, but Daniel knows that it's going to be difficult.

I have asked Daniel to forward me other copies of his work to read, so hopefully I'll have a chance to do so, as I found HENDRA to be very impressive.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I will be heading to Brooklyn tomorrow (possibly to Coney Island) for my final day of shooting on THE BEACHCOMBER.

It's a short scene on a beach, so it shouldn't take too long.

As previously mentioned, I got a chance to see all the footage from Saturday and it looks great. As always, I am very impressed with Sean.

Beyond The Still

Here is the official website for the Beyond The Still competition.

Two Weeks Until Danville

Only two more weeks until I depart for Danville and begin rehearsals for RUN FOR YOUR WIFE.

Getting very excited!


I was having dinner and drinks with my ARSENIC AND OLD LACE alum Sean MacBride Murray and his fiance, my MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM co-star Heidi Zenz the other night. According to Heidi, I have been nominated for some award connected with The Secret Theatre of Long Island City and their production of AS YOU LIKE IT. I think the category was Best Supporting Actor (as the Dukes), but I haven't received confirmation of that. Very flattering if true, although I'm not certain about anything in reference to the awards, as I have not been involved with The Secret Theatre since my departure at the conclusion of MIDSUMMER back in January.

Sean and Heidi continue to remain very busy. I intend to go see Sean appear in TOMBSTONE, part of the Inwood Shakespeare Festival's "The Season of the Guns", on Wednesday night. Heidi is nearing the end of a successful run in the Joe Orton play LOOY for director Ken Hailey.

It's always nice to see Sean and Heidi.

HENDRA Reading Tonight

I'm not sure what kind of turn out this evenings' reading of HENDRA is going to have, but either way, I am enthusiastic to sit and read the play.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

HENDRA Reading Tomorrow Night

The HENDRA reading is set to go up tomorrow night. The script is quite long...three acts and a little over 150 pages long, but the story is a fascinating one. I'll have a chance to work again with actor Frank Sellers, who appeared in Michael Dearborn's short FROSTED JUSTICE a few months back.

Another Successfyl Day on THE BEACHCOMBER

Over 8 hours, we completed just about all of the principal photography for THE BEACHCOMBER and as on the first day, it was an enjoyable experience.

At the end of the day, I even had a chance to sit with director Sean Meehan and watch the dailles, all of the footage shot during the course of the day, and everything looked great.

We have only one more brief beach scene to do, which we will knock out in a short period of time on Tuesday afternoon.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I will be heading back out to Westchester in a few hours for day two of THE BEACHCOMBER. We should get the bulk of the film in the can today. As always, looking forward to working with Sean and Tom.

Should be a fun day.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


I will be heading back out to Westchester on Saturday to continue with THE BEACHCOMBER. Sean got a pretty good edit of what we've already shot, which he is very happy with.

Here's a link to a few screen captures from the day of shooting:

I may be working one more day on the film early next week, but that's be a short scene.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


As expected, todays' first day of shooting for THE BEACHCOMBER went very smoothly. We shot a scene between Tom Knutson and myself and will conclude principal photography on Saturday. As always, director Sean Meehan created a relaxed, fun environment for Tom and I to work in. Lots of joking way a film set should be.

Thanks to Sean for a great day and to his lovely grandmother for providing such a wonderful dinner spread after shooting was completed.

Spare ribs and chicken...can't beat that!

Back on Saturday.


Looking forward to this evenings' shoot in Westchester. As previously mentioned, it shouldn't be a long shooting day, but you never know with movie making.

HENDRA Reading

I received a very nice email from playwright Daniel Holloway, which included a copy of the scripy to HENDRA, welcoming me to the July 12th reading.

This reading is what Daniel likes to call an "artist reading." That is, the goal is to see how an actor will come to and bring flesh to a character of his own power, without the interference of a hovering playwright or overarching director. There will be no rehearsals.

I have read about 50 pages of the script and I find it fascinating so far.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Cast In A Staged Reading of HENDRA

I have just been cast in a staged reading of an original play titled HENDRA by Daniel Holloway, which is part of the Manhattan Shakespeare Project, (

The reading will be on Monday July 12th, 7-10pm at the Schapiro Theatre 605 W. 115th Street

In a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, two horse trainers, a veterinarian and a stable-hand watch as an unknown disease quickly and violently kills off their horses. Meanwhile, at a bio-medical facility in Orlando, Florida, a researcher attempts to scientifically “kill God” and uses himself as a guinea pig in dangerous experiments as his young colleague attempts to bring him to reason. But when the disease jumps to humans and killing God proves more obsessive than religion, the distance between people begins to shrink in light of shared peril and hope.

I will be reading the role of John Meischer, one of the horse trainers. I'll have to brush up on my Australian accent for this one.

I'm sure we'll have a rehearsal or two prior to the reading on the 12th.

Day One of THE BEACHCOMBER Tomorrow

I will be heading out to Katonah in Westchester, NY tomorrow afternoon for my first day of shooting for THE BEACHCOMBER. Thankfully, the scenes are short, with very little dialogue and even though some action is involved, I don't anticipate a long shooting day.

Looking Forward To It.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


I had a brief, but informative meeting with Sean Meehan about THE BEACHCOMBER and excitement is brewing on this project.

Sean and I discussed the character of Terry Barnes, the beachcomber, who is a man of mystery. An oppotunist, always looking for an easy score, but perhaps is in a little over his head this time around. It will be a fun part to play.

I am happy to report that my 12TH NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD co-star Tom Knutson has been cast in the project as well. Tom appeared in Chapter 4 in the competition and Sean was able to snag him to reprise his role from that chapter for ours, which was nice. It'll be great to work with Tom again.

Shooting will take place on Tuesday evening, the 6th in Westchester and on Saturday, the 10th, also in Westchester.

RUN FOR YOUR WIFE - A Time For Review

With just 26 days until I depart for Danville, I am now taking the time to take a few minutes each day to review all of my lines for the play, which are pretty solid, although I am a little stronger in certain spots than in others.

Thank God I jumped on memorizing early, as I know it will prove beneficial when rehearsals begin.


I will be meeting with THE BEACHCOMBER director Sean Meehan tonight to discuss the script and the upcoming shooting schedule.