Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have an early train to catch tomorrow to Poughkeepsie. 7:45 to be exact and than it's a close to 2 hour ride to Poughkeepsie. I'll be riding out there with my on-screen wife Ethel Fisher, so it'll give us a chance to go over lines and get acquainted.

It should be a fun shoot.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I saw a rough cut of WRONGFUL REVENGE this week and it look pretty good. Hats off to director Blake Taylor and to actress Liz Walsh on jobs well done.

I will say that the experience of watching my own performance in the film was a bit of an acting lesson...a lesson in what not to do. I was playing this authority figure, a detective, who is supposed to be strong, in control and I think I had moments of that, but one little thing (a big thing in film, especially close ups) prevented me from pulling the character off entirely: blinking. I don't think I blink a lot in the scene, but I do it enough that I questioned the strength of the character. Was this detective really in control? Did he have all the answers? Was he too soft?

Here's an excerpt from Michael Caine's awesome book "Acting in Film" and he discusses blinking.

I don't blink. Blinking makes your character seem weak. Try it yourself: say the same line twice, first blinking and then not blinking. I practiced not blinking to excess when I first made this discovery, went around not blinking all the time and probably disconcerted a lot of people. But by not blinking you will appear strong on screen. Remember: on film that eye can be eight feet across.

You can't argue with Sir Michael Caine!

I'm not dismayed. It was a learning experience and like I said, there were moments in the performance where I did get the sense that my detective character was in control, while in others...there was the darn blinking!

Something to remember for the future.


Looking forward to the JACK JIMMINY shoot this weekend.

I'm going to cut my hair short for the film. Really short...bald as a matter of fact...only on top though. I'll keep hair on the sides and add a little gray...should look pretty good.


I figure, why not? It's only hair.

It'll grow back...hopefully!


Sadly, I had to back out of Antonio Padovan's next film ON THE HIGHWAY, as I have been tapped for jury duty on March 3rd. I sent Antonio a message with my apologies, but obviously, this is something out of my control.

I hope to work with Antonio again in the future.

Monday, February 22, 2010


The JACK JIMMINY shoot is going to take place in Poughkeepsie this coming Sunday.

I'm still meeting with my on-screen wife Ethel Fisher on Thursday to discuss and go over things in preparation for Sundays' shoot.


The WRONG REVENGE shoot yesterday afternoon was smooth from start to finish, thanks to the organization of director Blake Taylor. It was a very small crew, so things moved very fast. Both Liz Walsh and I knew our stuff pretty well, so we just came in, did our thing and were done in about 3 hours.

Thanks to Blake for the chance to be a part of the project.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Tomorrow morning, I will be heading to Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey for the WRONGFUL REVENGE shoot.

Looking forward to working with director Blake Taylor and actress Liz Walsh.

JACK JIMMINY Meeting Next Week

Next week, I will be meeting with actress Ethel Fisher, who will be playing my wife in JACK JIMMINY, to meet and go over a few things prior to filming on the 28th. We will will shooting in Poughkeepsie.


I received the following update on ARGYLE from director Matt Porter:

Thank you all for being so patient with this project -- it has been slow going, but we finally have a first complete cut! The whole thing is really fun to watch, and as we continue to refine the cut, it will just get even better. Our first cut is about an hour long, and it will probably be about 55 minutes when it is complete. We will likely be having a screening of a rough cut in March, and I will make sure to keep everyone posted about that.

I watched a rough cut of the trailer and was very impressed by what I saw.

NYU Studio Exercise - Part Two

The second part of the NYU Studio Exercise with director Joanna Naugle was filmed yesterday and like Wednesday, everything went very smoothly.

Joanna plans to forward copies of the final product to everyone involved in the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NYU Studio Exercise Shoot

Todays' shoot with Joanna Naugle went very smoothly. In one hour, Joanna and her crew managed to all the footage they wanted and needed.

Back in the studio on Friday afternoon.

NYU Studio Exercise - Part One

Part one of my involvement with director Joanna Naugle in her NYU Studio Exercise is set to take place this afternoon, so I continue to keep busy.

QUITTERS Reading A Success!

Last evenings' reading of QUITTERS by Peter Michael Foos was a complete success, receiving nice reactions from all in attendance. I had a great time reading the role of Ted and hope the opportunity to take the part to the next level.

I had a chance to meet and discuss the play with Pete's family, who were extremely supportive of him and the play.

Congrats to all involved on jobs well done!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

QUITTERS Reading In A Few Hours

The QUITTERS reading is in just a few hours, which I am looking forward to. I just met playwright Peter Michael Foos at a lunch for the first time and he's very cool. We talked a little about the play and about the character of Ted, which he mentioned is his favorite character in the play.

Hope he likes my take on the part.

Monday, February 15, 2010

QUITTERS Reading Tomorrow Night at The Red Room

The staged reading of QUITTERS by Peter Michael Foos, which was cancelled last week because of the weather, is going to be taking place tomorrow night at The Red Room at 85 East 4th at 7:30PM.

NYU Studio Exercise

NYU director Joanna Naugle has asked to participate in another exercise, involving the same character that I'll be playing on Wednesday. I will be back in the studio with Joanna on Friday afternoon.


Todays' shoot didn't start off so well.

The office space where we were scheduled to use for our scenes was never officially locked down, so we had to scramble to find another place to film, which delayed us a little. Considering I woke up at 6:30AM to make an 8AM call, I wasn't too pleased. Luckily, the director of photography knew of an office space that we could use, get the okay and off we went. After that little snafu, we got on schedule and things moved along reasonably well, although the little bit of disorganization did annoy me a little. I ask you: How complicated is it to be organized?

I'll be featured in the music video as a stuffy boss of the office. Not sure what else is going on in the video. Today was only the second day of shooting, so I imagine that it'll be quite some time until I hear about the completion of this video.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have an 8AM call for the SOMETHING TO BELIEVE music video shoot tomorrow morning, which will be taking place at an office down by the Brooklyn Bridge area.

It shouldn't be a long day (1PM is the expected completion time) but you never know.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


The TRAINS experience was a pleasant one.

It was nice to play against type as Patrick, the abusive stepfather. I even scared my 7 year old co-star Anthony, so I must have done the part really well.

Thanks to producer Jason Hess for his organization and help during the day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Suddenly, I Am Very Busy!

More good news today!

I heard from Antonio Padovan about his next project titled ON THE HIGHWAY and it's a go as far as my involvement. In it, I'll be playing Lenny, a cynical writer, whose sour outlook on the world may cost him the woman he loves. I love the script and the character of Lenny. I connect with Lenny, who is much like Harry in SOCKS AND CAKES, but where I get the sense Harry has already given up on himself, with Lenny, I got the sense that there's a glimmer of hope. His life seems unfulfilled, but he doesn't know or is too scared to take the steps to better his life.

Lots of great things to play around with.

As previously mentioned, the shooting date for ON THE HIGHWAY is Wednesday, March

As far as the music video SOMETHING TO BELIEVE, it's still a go for this coming Monday, so I will likely be receiving all of my info this weekend. As previously, I will be featured in an office scene for the video.

The NYU Studio Exercise with director Joanna Naugle, which was cancelled on Wednesday because of the bad weather, has been re-scheduled for this coming Wednesday afternoon, the 17th, so I'm looking forward to participating in that project.

Today was a good day. Lots of great news!

Not a bad way to end the week.

Just Cast in Short Film JACK JIMMINY

I have just been cast in the role of Richard Jimminy, a retired porn star. Yes, that's right! Me, playing a retired porn star. From director Louis Silverstein (who happens to live in my home state of Delaware) comes JACK JIMMINY, the story of a porn star extra. This film is a cinema verite mockumentary. Cinéma vérité is a style of documentary filmmaking, combining naturalistic techniques with stylized cinematic devices of editing and camerawork, staged set-ups, and the use of the camera to provoke subjects. It is also known for taking a provocative stance toward its topics. In French the term means, roughly, "truthful cinema".

The film is about Jack, the son of the two most famous porn stars in history. Jack has little interest in continuing the family tradition but doesn't have the heart to break the news to his parents.

I had a great time auditioning for the role of Richard and am delighted that I will now get a chance to play the part on screen.

The film is being produced by GripReality, Inc ( and was listed as an AFTRA job on the casting site, so who knows, maybe a little money will come my way for this.

Cast In Short Film TRAINS As Abusive Stepfather

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Bayside, Queens to play an abusive stepfather in the short film TRAINS.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

BlogCritics Review of OVERCROWDED

DVD Review: Overcrowded Episode 1: "The Kiss of the Bonsai!!!"

Author: Hannah Marie Ellison — Published: Feb 10, 2010

Steven Hansen (Ian Campbell Dunn) is your average, everyday Joe. He has a good job with his company, Multi-State Insurance, serving as the lead on a number of major accounts within the firm. He's happily married to his wife Claire and is about to move into a new home. Life is good for Steven. And then he meets his new neighbors Marc, Dan, Greg, and Paul. In a very short period of time, these four individuals manage to make Steven's life a living hell. Steven's crime? For being stupid enough to move in next to them.

This is the premise for the new comedy pilot Overcrowded, a very broad, silly, and ridiculous look at four of the most horrible people you'll ever meet who share an apartment and terrorize their neighbors. And do they ever! These guys are their own brand of crazy and the 40-minute pilot follows them on their adventures in delusion and debauchery.

While the proceedings are ably directed by Dan Kowalski, overall the pilot is a bit of a mixed bag. The script, written by co-creator Dan Conrad, goes on a little too long, with much of the focus paid to a pair of under-developed subplots involving one characters' sudden need for Enlightenment and another character's battles with the Yakuza. Yes, the Yakuza.

More focus should have been paid to the the best scenes involving Greg, (Greg Vorob) who is always looking for a job. Greg is a real go-getter — so he says — but he tends to go a little over the edge when he gets a job. A little over the edge is being kind. Upon meeting his new neighbor Steven, Greg finagles his way into an interview with Steven's company. He manages to wow the boss Mr. Smith (Timothy J. Cox), and lands a job as Steven's assistant, even though he has absolutely no experience with insurance whatsoever. Almost immediately, Greg makes an impression, even taking on Steven's accounts with success, much to the delight of Mr. Smith and the company shareholders and the chagrin of Steven, who quickly begins to crack up. But Greg doesn't stop there. He wants to go to the top quickly. Sure, he's charming and very quick on the uptake, but Greg is the kind of guy who sees himself going from assistant to CEO in two days time. He's his own worst enemy, but he's too far off his rocker to notice or care.

These scenes, which make up a bulk of the pilot, are very funny, thanks to a quick pace and an energetic turn from Vorob, whose performance is appropriately broad and over the top. He receives nice support from Dunn as the hapless schnook Steven and from Cox in his brief scenes as the pompous Mr. Smith.

As I said, the rest of the pilot is a bit of a mixed bag. I should say, though, that the subplot involving Dan (Dan Conrad), a sometime writer who is convinced (under the delusion is more like it) that Steven's wife, Claire (the underused Jennifer Zigler), is seriously coming on to him, had a lot of potential, thanks mostly to Conrad's surprisingly (for these characters, yes) likable turn. Unfortunately, those scenes were never given a chance to fully develop. Subplots with less potential were the ones involving Marc (Marc Seidenstein) who suddenly wishes to receive enlightenment (so he can meet girls, I assume) and Paul (Paul White), a psychotic who kills and steals from the Yakuza. I'll say it again: Yes, the Yakuza. My problem with the enlightenment sequences is that they didn't go anywhere. They just kind of happened and I wondered what was the point? My problem with the Paul sequences was that they were a bit much, especially the character of Paul himself. Vorob, Conrad, and even Seidenstein, in their scenes, managed to convey charm in their craziness, whereas White's character is just plain creepy.

Overcrowded is not a bad idea. It's very broad and theatrical, which can work and does in the Greg scenes, which are a lot of fun and the Dan scenes do have a lot of potential. It's clear that a lot of thought and work was put into the pilot and the accomplishment is commendable. Some things, however, do not work as well and need to be revisited.

Overcrowded is one of many projects created by All Things Random, a New York-based production company founded by Conrad and Vorob, two regular guys from New Jersey. Vorob, an actor on the New York theater/film scene for the past eight years, has enjoyed amazing good fortune in his career, especially to have studied with two of the best and most renowned acting teachers in the city, William Esper and Terry Schreiber. His training and talents have lead to appearances on the Manhattan stage, as well as in independent films and commercials. Conrad also began his career on the stage. He has acted in over 40 productions in New York and New Jersey and has also served as director in numerous productions.

Conrad and Vorob met while they were both studying theatre at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey. After being paired together as improv partners in a comedy show, they then collaborated on a number of productions at BCC together.

In 2006 after Conrad directed the play Where There's No Will by Leon Kaye in Manhattan, which was co-produced by Vorob, the two formed All Things Random which, aside from Overcrowded, has produced the short films The Master Chef and Wintimadation, which are available for viewing on YouTube.

It was In 2008 that Vorob and Conrad came up with the idea for Overcrowded. They searched for a co-producer/director who would be right to helm the project and found that person in independent film director and screenwriter Dan Kowalski of Phalanx Film & Video Productions, which also produces commercials and music videos, in addition to television and feature films.

The two companies have been collaborating ever since and are about to release their follow-up to Overcrowded, Marty & Doug's New Religion. The pilot episode of Overcrowded is currently available for sale on DVD through

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

QUITTERS Reading Cancelled Tonight

Tonights' reading of QUITTERS has been cancelled because of the weather.

No word yet on when it will be re-scheduled.


Heard from director Blake Taylor regarding the WRONGFUL REVENGE shoot. As of now, it's set for Sunday, February 21st in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.

I am also happy to report that I will once again be working with actress Liz Walsh, who played my wife last year in the Penelope music video BRIGHT EYES. Liz will be playing the female lead that my detective questions in the film.

NYU Studio Exercise Cancelled For Today

The NYU studio exercise with Joanna Naugle has been cancelled for today due to the bad weather.

No word yet on when it will be re-scheduled.

OVER COFFEE Is Completed

Here it is: OVER COFFEE

From my end, it is a well made and thoroughly enjoyable comedy. Hats off to director Sean Meehan and the entire cast and crew on jobs well done.


Over Coffee from Sean Meehan on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I have just been cast as a police detective investigating a shooting in the short film WRONGFUL REVENGE, which is going to be directed by Blake Taylor of Cheerleader Productions.

The script has a LAW & ORDER feel to it, so I'm excited to be a part of the project.

No details available yet on shooting days.

HEART SHAPED BOX Is Available Online

HEART SHAPED BOX, the short film that I did with my high school alum Joseph Ibrahim last year is now available online.

It is available for vieiwing on Joe's website at

Ben Gazzara as Charles Bukowski

Here is clip of the great Ben Gazzara as writer Charles Bukowski in the 1981 film TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS.

NYU Studio Exercise Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be participating in a short studio exercise with NYU director Joanna Naugle.

I will be performing in a short scene about a successful young businesswoman Danielle, who decides to leave a prestigious financial firm run by her mentor Robert, preferring instead to work for one of Robert's competitors, Wesley, whom she also happens to be sleeping with. But Robert, who has shared insider and illegal information with Danielle, is not going to let her go so easily.

I will be playing the role of Robert.

A nice scene for ol' reel.

SAND Rep's Reading of QUITTERS Tomorrow Night

The QUITTERS staged reading will take place tomorrow night.

Once again, it is being held at The Red Room at 85 East 4th at 7:30PM.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Just received an email from Greg Vorob of ALL THINGS RANDOM and I have been tentatively cast in a few roles in ATR's next project "I THINK YOU MAY BE MY SOUL MATE".

Like OVERCROWDED, it will be directed by Dan Kowalski.

As of now, they're looking at shooting in the spring.

An added bonus on this's a paying gig. Not much, but anything is better than zero.

I should be receiving a script next week, but I can tell you that Greg wrote the story and Dan Conrad and Dan Kowalski are adapting it into a screenplay.

I'm sorry that I had to pass on MARTY AND DOUG'S NEW RELIGION, but I am thankful that I will have to chance to work with this great group again.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


I received this message from director Sean Meehan yesterday.

Just thought I'd write you all and say that, after an insanely long time in the oven, OVER COFFEE is on the brink of being finished. I'm submitting it to a film festival at college here tomorrow, and it should go live on Vimeo a few days later.
I'm proud to have finished the thing, and infinitely more proud that I got the chance to work with all of you. Each of you were incredibly forgiving, encouraging and welcoming to me; it only motivated me to try to do the best that I could do to make sure that I could show something you might be proud to say you were a part of.

Thank you for the kind words, Sean!

QUITTERS Reading This Wednesday

The reading of QUITTERS is taking place this coming Wednesday at The Red Room at 85 East 4th Street at 7:30PM.


I have been cast in an office scene in the music video SOMETHING TO BELIEVE, which I had auditioned for on Monday.

My shooting day will be on February 15th.

Stay tuned for more details.

Friday, February 05, 2010

New Film Project with SOCKS AND CAKES Director

Today, I received a call from SOCKS AND CAKES director Antonio Padovan about another film project that shoots on March 3rd.

No other details are available as of yet.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Two Fun Auditions Today

This morning, I acted like a dog...

I had a fun audition for a promo called "ACT LIKE AN ANIMAL". I got to go in and act like a dog on camera. It was a lot of certainly gets the blood pumping. If cast, there will be one day of shooting next week.

I also had a fun audition for a cable show called COMMON. I went in a read a few scenes and even though I came off a little too old for one of the main characters, the auditioners got a big kick out of the fact that I sound like George Costanza and/or Richard hopefully they will at least keep me in mind for supporting roles.

We'll see.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Click This To View The Short Fim SOCKS AND CAKES

Thanks to co-star Jeff Moffitt for posting the film on his website.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Will Be Returning to the Pioneer Playhouse for RUN FOR YOUR WIFE

I am pleased to report that I will be returning to the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky to work on the hilarious farce RUN FOR YOUR WIFE by Ray Cooney, which is going to be directed by my good friend and colleague Larry Lesher.

I am equally excited to announce that my good friends and fellow Playhouse alums Synge Maher and Matt Harris are also returning to appear in the show.

In Cooney's farce, John Smith is a London Cabbie with his own taxi, a wife in Streatham, a wife in Wimbledon – and a knife-edge schedule! By strict adherence to this schedule, he has been a successful, if tired, bigamist for three years, but one day, gallantly intervening in a mugging, he is taken to hospital with a mild concussion. In the ensuing complications, aided by the unwilling Stanley, John tries bravely to cope with a succession of well-meaning but prying policemen, the press, two increasingly irate wives and a very gay neighbour, until he manfully confesses the truth – but no-one believes him!

This is probably the funniest farce to be written during the past twenty five years. It has a terrific pace and a single set showing John’s two homes, and wives, at the same time.

Casting announcements have not been made as of yet. All that is know at this point is that the show is slated to perform in late August, the last show of the summer season.

I would like to thank Charlotte and Holly Henson for giving the green light on this production as well as for the invitation to return to the Playhouse stage for what I know is going to be a wonderful production.

Very excited about this.

For information on the Pioneer Playhouse's upcoming season, please visit

Fiennes and Scofield in QUIZ SHOW

Here is a great scene between Ralph Fiennes and the late, great Paul Scofield in Robert Redford's QUIZ SHOW from 1994.

Monday, February 01, 2010


This morning I had my audition for the music video SOMETHING TO BELIEVE and got a pretty good vibe from the director and casting people, so we'll see how that goes.

I've scheduled a lot of film auditions for this week, so I'm hopeful.

Tomorrow, I have DEAD ON ICE about two remorseful brothers who are reunited when their father dies of cancer.

Other auditions for this week:

- DON JUAN, a play about the possibility of an atheist moral, free of social remonstrance or punishment from the heavens. Don Juan is looking for something or someone to stop his immoral actions; he is looking for a new kind of moral that fits his desire of freedom. For him, an honorable action should not be born out of fear of Heaven’s wrath, or superstitious beliefs, nor out of respect for any social order (“in order to remain in the King’s favor”). The question that Don Juan explores, is, ‘What are the limits of one’s freedom?’ The answer resides in himself, as his own remorse consumes him at the end.

- K is a short film with narrative elements and experimental structure. Kay is young, vibrant, and in love. She makes paintings out of food with her friend Samara. She jumps on the bed with her boyfriend Edward. And when Edward visits this weekend, she wants nothing more than for him to ask her to marry him. But an older woman keeps interrupting Kay’s moments, and she eventually asks Kay why she’s deceiving everyone, flaunting herself as this young woman when she’s really much older – won’t it break Edward’s heart when she dies? Kay must assert her youth, her movement, her life, and her love, in this rousing but tender exploration of Kay’s mind.

- THE MCCRACKEN SIBLINGS: Two siblings, by the name of Clara Jane (or C.J.) and Lily McKracken are reunited with their brother Charles after a four year separation. Their family has always been a little odd, they grew up with their mother and grandmother in a small farm quite isolated from the world. It is a humorous, touching short film about the dynamic between the three siblings. It is all about relationships.

- BROKEN is a suburban tale of family. Matt is a sixteen year old kid, living with his single father. Matt being into art, his father being into sports, they don't seem to connect. Following Matt on his birthday, he wakes up to learn his father needs to work. A story of finding that connection with your father, family is family, no matter how small. What's broken can easily be fixed.

- KILL SCREEN: THE LEGEND OF BILLY SHAW is about a child who becomes obsessed with the Video Game PAC MAN and plays it till he reaches the Kill Screen.

- THE REAL LATE SHOW WITH FRANK FREDRECKSON: Frank Fredrickson's late night show has been popular for years, but the ratings are going down quickly. When a young hot-shot, know-it-all actor comes on the show, Frank loses his cool.