Sunday, January 31, 2010

Audition Tomorrow for Music Video SOMETHING TO BELIEVE

Tomorrow morning, I will be heading to Brooklyn to audition for a music video.

Hip Hop artist Blitz the Ambassador will be shooting the music video for his soon-to-be-released single "Something to Believe" on Saturday, 2/6 and Sunday 2/7.

To check out Blitz' first music video, visit or his official website at

I may be reading for a ocuple of roles, so we'll see what happens with that.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I received a DVD copy of the short FROSTED JUSTICE earlier this week (also available for viewing on Facebook).

The short is a funny look at two cops fighting over the last donut in their squad room.

Thanks to director Michael Dearborn for the chance to be a part of the project.

Below is the complete film


Jeff Moffitt, my co-star from SOCKS AND CAKES, just posted the completed film on Facebook and I have to's wonderful. I'm ecstatic about the film and hope friends and colleagues feel the same way.

I'm honored to be a part of this film...a film with such a great group of actors, a polished crew and a director that I'd love to work with again. Again, I would to thank director Antonio Padovan for the chance to be a part of the project.

Hopefully, I'll have a chance to post the video on here soon.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Behind The Scenes Look at Brian Dennehy in Double Bill of HUGHIE and KRAPP'S LAST TAPE

Here's a behind the scenes look at award winning character actor Brian Dennehy, in rehearsals with director Robert Falls, in The Goodman Theatre in Chicago's double bill revivals of Eugene O'Neil's HUGHIE and Samuel Beckett's KRAPP'S LAST TAPE, which are now coming to Broadway.

SOCKS AND CAKES Screening...

...takes place tomorrow, but I will be unable to attend, as it takes place (along with the screening of other films) between 2:00-5:00PM and at that time, I will be working on something else.

Honestly, I am a little irritated that the screening is taking place during the middle of the day and not at night, but what are you going to do?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Staged Reading of THE ROSE GARDENER

Here's a plug for director Katherine M. Carter's latest reading of The Rose Gardener.

Aaron and Carol are a wealthy married couple living in the suburbs, held together by a deep love for their daughter, Diana. After Diana dies in a terrible accident, however, her absence and Aaron and Carol's ensuing grief force them to reexamine their own relationship. Through subtle manipulations of time, The Rose Gardener piercingly studies marriage and grief in contemporary America.

The Rose Gardener was written by Sara-Ashley Bischoff at Princeton University under the guidance of playwrights Chuck Mee and Marina Carr. Its first reading was at The Hangar Theater, directed by Katherine Carter. In the winter of 2008 a second reading directed by Bischoff took place at Princeton University. Carter and Bischoff brought The Rose Gardener to the Abingdon Theater in New York in June of 2009. They look forward to finding a future home for The Rose Gardener.

Starring Diana Zambrotta and Joshua Johnson

Performance will take place on January 31, 2010, and February 1, 2010, both at 7:30pm. Please reserve seats; tickets are free, but donations are requested.

The reading is taking at The Tank, located at 354 West 45th Street.

Reserve your tickets here:

SOCKS AND CAKES Screening On January 29th

The screening for the short film SOCKS AND CAKES will take place on January 29th.

Stay tuned for details.

Cast in SAND Rep's Reading of QUITTERS

I am pleased to announce that I have been cast in the role of Ted, the kindly leader of an Alcoholics Anonymous group who tries to give some sage advice to protagonists Frank and Nick, in SAND Rep's upcoming reading of QUITTERS by Peter Miles Foos, which is being directed by Thom Brown III.

I am excited to be working with Zachary Springer (Frank) and Sam Albertsen (Nick), who both impressed a few months back in OUR FANTASIES ARE EATING US ALIVE! SAND Rep Artistic Director Ashley Marie Straw will also be taking part in the reading as Frank's girlfriend Amanda, as will my old friend and colleague Meg Mark who plays the role of Janet, a fellow addict in Ted's group.

The reading will take place at The Red Room at 85 East 4th Street on February 10th.

Rehearsals to start soon.

Friday, January 22, 2010

SOCKS AND CAKES Photos Available On My Website

There are a number of pictures from last weeks' SOCKS AND CAKES film shoot available for viewing in the Gallery section of my website.

Thanks to Jeff Moffitt for taking the pics and for posting them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had to submit to this as I am huge fan of The Coen Brothers' cult classic THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

DMTheatrics ( and Horse Trade Theater Group are producing the production, which will run for three weeks at The Kraine Theatre in Manhattan, starting March 18th. According to the casting notice, "This is the New York theatrical premiere of the worldwide cult favorite which re-imagines the midnight movie favorite as a classical Jacobean comedy."

Could be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just got home from the HENRY'S CRIME shoot about 45 minutes ago. It was a long day, but not a very exhausting one. I actually got paid to sit on my butt for 12hours, which while not very productive, I'll gladly take.

I got to see both Keanu Reeves and Vera Farmiga in action. Ms. Farmiga is stunning and a heck of an actress.

We shot the scene at The Orpheum Theatre in Tarrytown, NY, about 45 minutes to an hour out of the city.

Second Round of Auditions for SAND Rep's Reading of QUITTERS on Sunday

There will be a second round of auditions for SAND Rep's upcoming staged reading of the original play QUITTERS on Sunday afternoon.

As previously mentioned, the reading is being directed by Thom Brown III and will take place at The Red Room in Lower Manhattan on February 10th.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So I Wrote A Short Film Script...

A week or so ago, I sat down and hammered out a short film script titled APOCALYPSE MAYO, about a man reliving a horrible event from his youth involving mayonaise.

It is intended to be a very silly piece, with rather goofy references to APOCALYPSE NOW and many other films.

I have submitted the script to a few people to read and have already received very positive and helpful feedback.

I just finished draft two last night, so things are going in a good direction thus far.

Not expecting anything big from this. If it gets made sometime, great. If not, that's fine with me.

It was a lot of fun to write.

Caught Up With Marietta College Colleague Melissa Hill Grande Today

It was great to catch up with my Marietta College Theatre colleague, Lisa Grande in Manhattan today. During my years at Marietta, Lisa was not only a close friend, but a colleague (costume designer, sets, teaching, directing...she did it all) and constant source of love and support as well.

She is in town on behalf of her theatre company, The Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre, a company I'd love to work with, but as of now, it wouldn't be economical, but maybe some day.

Lisa and I caught up on old times, the whereabouts of friends and colleagues from our Marietta days. It was nice!

If you are ever in the Pittsburgh area and wish to see some high quality work, then check out PICT. For info on the company, please visit

Working on Feature Film HENRY'S CRIME Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will be playing a theatre patron in the new comedy HENRY'S CRIME, which stars James Caan, Vera Farmiga and Keanu Reeves.

HENRY'S CRIME is the story of an aimless man (Reeves) who is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit.

Not what I would call a typical premise for a comedy, but that's how it's listed on IMDB.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why John Lithgow Is One Of Our Greatest Living Actors

For those who think John Lithgow is nothing more than the broad comedy actor from 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN, then check out this clip from his Golden Globe winning performance as the serial killer Trinity in the Showtime series DEXTER.


The second day of filming for SOCKS AND CAKES went as smoothly as the first. They shot my major scene, a monologue that I deliver directly to the camera, which was a lot of fun to do. Everything felt good on my end and according to director Antonio Padovan, everything looked good on his end. It was a complicated shot, but we got it in three takes.

As always, the cast and crew were a delight. On both nights, the crew feed us, which was very kind of them and deeply appreciated. This is a group of people I'd love to work with again.

There will be a screening of the film on January 29th, so hopefully I will have a chance to attend, as I look forward to seeing the entire film, all put together.

Jeff Moffitt, who plays Richard, my best friend in the film, is a stand up guy and a very busy one, with project after project to keep him busy. For updates on his latest projects, please visit

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Everything went verty smoothly for the first of two days of filming for SOCKS AND CAKES.

Director Antonio Padavon and his crew are a very organized bunch with set ups, rehearsals and shootings moving at a swift pace. Two of my major scenes were finished in just a couple of hours, so there was hardly any sitting around and waiting, which is the norm on a film set.

Back again tomorrow.

Friday, January 15, 2010


It was great to sit down with writer/director Antonio Padovan and the cast of SOCKS AND CAKES tonight to discuss the script and to go through all of the scenes. The cast is a strong group, all very giving performers. I didn't go all out with my performance as Harry tonight, preferring instead to save it for the cameras.

The call tomorrow is 4pm.

Looking forward to it.

A Very Productive Day

Today has been a busy, but very productive day. Both auditions went pretty well, I thought.

My audition for the Travel Channel job was a "come in so we can get a look at you" kind of that was pretty brief.

As for my audition for The Seven Collective, I did a couple of monologues and spoke with the organizers of the festival.

Now, time for some rest before the rehearsal for SOCKS AND CAKES.

Travel Channel Audition Today

Another audition I have today is for something on the Travel Channel.

No real details available on the job, other than that the casting people are looking for an average looking guy, a little on the schlubby side, who is good at improv.

Great money if cast!

Audition Today for '7 Days of Play' Theatre Festival' with The Seven Collective

This afternoon, I will be auditioning for The Seven Collective's '7 Days of Play' Theatre Festival', which is is an ambitious 7 day cooperative effort that will see invited actors, directors & company members mount a production of the first 2 original works which will start on Jan. 17th and conclude with evening showcases on Fri. Jan 22nd and Sat. Jan 23rd. The subsequent week follows and 'WE' begin again with the production of the remaining 2 original works, starting on Jan. 24th, culminating with evening showcases on Fri. Jan 29th & Sat. Jan. 30th.

For more info on The Seven Collective, please visit

SOCKS AND CAKES Rehearsal Tonight

Tonight is the night for the SOCKS AND CAKES rehearsal. The lines for all of my scenes are pretty solid, as is my handle on the characterization of the disenchanted Harry.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

SAND Rep's QUITTERS Audition On Monday Night

On Monday night, I will be reading for the role of Ted, an Alcoholics Anonymous group leader, who tries to give some sage advice to both Frank and Nick, two lost souls, in a reading of Peter Miles Foos' new play QUITTERS, which will take place at The Red Room in Lower Manhattan on February 10th.

Ted's appearance in the play is brief, but he makes a pretty solid impact on both Frank and Nick.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The cast and crew of SOCKS AND CAKES are all set to meet for a rehearsal on Friday night. It'll be great to meet the cast and go over things before we go in front of the camera.

The shooting days for Saturday and Sunday are set from 4:00PM to approximately 2:00AM with the location around the Union Square area in Lower Manhattan, so thankfully, I do not have far to travel.

Here is the cast list:

BEN PRAYZ as Jeremy

JOHN KONTOYANNIS - Producer / Writer
MARTA JOVER - Producer

Lines are pretty solid. It helps to review a little every day, but it will be nice to have the other actors to bounce off of on Friday.

Looking forward to it.

Actors Are Bounty Hunters

Sometimes, we actors have to become bounty hunters to track down directors about past projects. Sometimes we get results, but most times we just get frustrated at the lack of progress from the filmmakers.

Now, over the years, I have come to have a great understanding and respect for the process of filmmaking, especially in regards to the editing of a film. It is a time consuming process yes, but c'mon...there are projects that I did 5 or 6 years ago that haven't and will likely never be completed. I can't forgive that. Actors get paid so little for short films (zero is VERY little) so to put in all of that work and to give up all of that time and then to receive nothing? It's frustrating.

I am thankful for guys like Greg Vorob and Dan Kowalski at All Things Random (OVERCROWDED), as well as Sean Meehan (OVER COFFEE) and Matt Porter (ARGYLE). These are individuals who take what they do seriously, put the necessary time in to get the job done and they have respect for the artists they hire.

Not that complicated.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FRUITLESS FRUIT Audition Tonight

I had a great time auditioning for the role of dogged police Detective Harris in the short film noir FRUITLESS FRUIT for director Theresa Plannell, who I found to be quite sharp. I ended up doing a monologue, a reading of sides and a brief improvisation for my audition, so hopefully all of that will help me in securing the role, as the script (from the sides I read) was pretty strong.

If cast, the shooting will take place at the end of February.

More Auditions

I continue to rack up auditions for this week and beyond.

- On Monday, I have an audition for a role in the staged reading of QUITTERS, a new play presented by SANDRep (SPRING JUICE, OUR FANTASIES ARE EATING US ALIVE!), to be directed by my good friend Thom Brown III. Hope to be a part of that.

- On Thursday, January 21st, I will be reading for a one act play called A WHISPER, (produced by Strike 38! Productions) which has been accepted by The Three Monos Ensemble company to be part of their Minutes Before... Short Play Festival!

Here is the synopnsis for the play:

In two time lines, on opposite sides of the globe, we find our universal selves caught in a matrix of creation and destruction; We believe true love involve no destruction, but out of destruction can true love blossom?

FRUITLESS FAULT Audition Tonight

Tonight, I will be reading for a detective role in the murder mystery short FRUITLESS FAULT.

A Short Day On DAMAGES

My work on DAMAGES was limited to me walking back and forth in the cold all morning. Thankfully, it was a quick scene and was finished about an hour ago.

Monday, January 11, 2010

SOCKS AND CAKES Rehearsal on Friday

I received my copy of the SOCKS AND CAKES script today and have already started work on it. The script is pretty solid, like an academic version of THE BIG CHILL. These are people who are a little uncertain of where they are in their lives.

On Friday evening, the cast and crew will meet together to rehearse before Saturday's shooting. As previously mentioned, shooting for the film will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

I have high hopes for this film.


My audition for CALIGULA today was a brief one. I delivered my monologue, the directors asked me some brief questions about my background and then I was out the door.

Casting decisions will be made later this week.

Working On DAMAGES Tomorrow

I snagged another AFTRA background gig for tomorrow. This time, it's for the FX drama DAMAGES, which I worked on over a year ago. I think it's another bar scene for me.

What is it about me and bars?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have just been cast in the film SOCKS AND CAKES, which is about five characters of a different age, background, culture, taste and financial background who find themselves at a friendly dinner conversing with each other about their lives and where they see themselves in the future. Some deeper, hidden secrets emerge between the characters and just when it seems all is to be revealed...all is still kept secretive

I have been cast as Harry, who is fit, educated at Yale University with degrees in French colonial and postcolonial literature. His family owns a restaurant but he never had any interest in joining the family business, yet they maintain a good relationship. His neuroticism sometimes gets the best of him and his moments of depression don’t help that. This also leads him to believe in a nihilistic form of government. Coupled with his pessimism about life, he too is unable to find a stable relationship. Not to mention that he doesn’t like his job as an NYU French literature teacher. He takes his life day by day, getting by with just enough to survive.

I am looking forward to working on this project. My shooting days will be this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Meryl Streep On Accessing the Characters Within


Geraldine Page was considered one of the finest actresses in the English speaking language. The clip below, from her Oscar winning performance as an elderly woman trying to re-visit her childhood home, proves as evidence to that assertion. The performance is from Horton Foote's screen adaptation of his own play THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lee J. Cobb As Willy Loman in DEATH OF A SALESMAN

Here is a brief scene from a 1966 television production of the Arthur Miller classic DEATH OF A SALESMAN, starring the incomparable Lee J. Cobb and Mildred Dunnock, reprising their landmark stage performances as Willy and Linda Loman. The production also features George Segal as Biff, James Farentino as Happy and Gene Wilder as Bernard. The following scene is close to the end of the play.

Audition for Production of CALIGULA on Monday

On Monday afternoon, I will be auditioning for a production of CALIGULA about the third Roman Emperor, reigning from 16 March 37 until his assassination on 24 January 41. This is a new adaptation, written by the director Alfred Preisser and Randy Weiner. It was produced as a workshop production at the Classical Theatre of Harlem a few years ago and will now be presented at La Mama.


Both auditions for DEATH OF A DOORMAN and SOCKS AND CAKE were brief, but positive ones, although I felt my read for Harry, the French lit. professor in SOCKS AND CAKES was only okay. The monologue I read was sharp and very well written. I would have liked to have had one crack at reading it for the director, who laughed at what I did, so I must have done something right.

DEATH OF A DOORMAN was a much smaller role, that of a hotel manager, so if I don't get it, it will not be the end of the world.

We'll see what happens.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Here is a great scene from Sidney Lumet's 1974 film adaptation of the Agatha Christie mystery classic MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS with an almost unrecognizable Albert Finney as Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot and Sir John Gielgud as a possible suspect.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Streep and Hoffman in KRAMER VS. KRAMER

My good friend Jason Godbey and I were discussing some potential film projects over dinner tonight and as we often do, cited examples of great scenes from movies to illustrate our points.

The following scene is the final scene from the Oscar winning KRAMER VS. KRAMER and if you've never seen this extraordinary movie, I urge you to see it now. Robert Benton's direction is superb throughout and as far as the acting from Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Jane Alexander and many others is is stellar across the board.

Two Film Auditions This Week

I have snagged two film auditions for this week.

- DEATH OF A DOORMAN: Director: Eldar Kaprov. The Death of a Doorman is a modern-day retelling of Anton Chekov's 'The Death of a Government Clerk.' This film tells the story of a doorman at an upscale building in New York struggling to deal with embarrassment and and deferential feelings towards the building tenants.

I will be reading for the role of the Manager of the building, an ordinary man, always in a good mood and joking around. He’s kind to his workers, and a classic mentor type.

- SOCKS AND CAKE: Director: Antonio Padovan. Five characters of a different age, background, culture, taste and financial background find themselves at a friendly dinner conversing with each other about their lives and where they see themselves in the future. Some deeper, hidden secrets emerge between the characters and just when it seems all is to be revealed...all is still kept secretive

I will be reading for the role of Harry, who is fit, educated at Yale University with degrees in French colonial and postcolonial literature. His family owns a restaurant but he never had any interest in joining the family business, yet they maintain a good relationship. His neuroticism sometimes gets the best of him and his moments of depression don’t help that. This also leads him to believe in a nihilistic form of government. Coupled with his pessimism about life, he too is unable to find a stable relationship. Not to mention that he doesn’t like his job as an NYU French literature teacher. He takes his life day by day, getting by with just enough to survive.


The biggest news currently for ARGYLE is that Matt Porter and his crew have completed their first full cut of the entire film. It still needs a significant amount of fine tuning, but it is coming along very well. They are also about to dive into the scoring process, which should really help pull the entire thing together.

I really appreciate all of the updates from Matt regarding this project. Same goes for Sean Meehan's updates on OVER COFFEE. These guys are real pros!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Finney and Redgrave in THE GATHERING STORM

Here is the final scene between Albert Finney and Vanessa Redgrave (as Winston and Clementine Churchill) from the Emmy winning HBO original movie THE GATHERING STORM.


Today's MERCY shoot wasn't a bad one, although getting up at 4:30am is never fun. I played a bar patron in a scene between two of the leads.

It went very smoothly overall and I was finished by 1:30pm.

Piece of cake.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


MIDSUMMER went out in style tonight with yet another full house.

What a way to go!

The Last Dance for MIDSUMMER

Last evenings' show went wonderfully, as always. Another full house for us, which isn't bad. We're hopeful that tonight will have the same turnout.

Tonight marks the final performance of the show and what a joy and pleasure it has been to have been a part of production that was so much fun, through the entire process, that I hate to see it come to an end. Through this process, I have become very close many members of the cast, but especially to my fellow mechanicals Chris Kateff, Andrew Ash, Tim Williams, Miriam Mintz and Charlotte Dunn...all extraordinary people, as well as artists. I love and respect them dearly and hope, after this show, to share the stage with each one of them again.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Return of MIDSUMMER

What a way to return!

Last nights' show was fantastic and a lot of fun. We played to a full house that enjoyed themselves.

Only two performances left! I'm going to hate to see this one end!

Friday, January 01, 2010

MIDSUMMER Returns Tonight!

I am so excited to be returning to MIDSUMMER tonight! I have missed the cast and crew and have missed playing Peter Quince.

I am hopeful that our houses will be good ones for our final three performances.

We'll see.