Thursday, July 09, 2009

ARGYLE Shoot This Morning

This mornings' ARGYLE shoot on Long Island went wonderfully. I had a great time jumping into the goofy shoes of Principal Cox.

Working with Max Azulay, who plays the lead in the story (Max is also one of the writers of the project), Max, who is just starting out as a brand new teacher at Argyle. My character of Principal Cox is very friendly towards Max...too uncomfortably friendly.

Director Matt Porter kept things moving nicely. While we did between 20-25 takes, each take was more interesting...more ridiculous than the last. Matt created a fun environment to work in, allowing Max and I to dabble in a little bit of improvisation. It only added to the fun.

All in all, I was done in about 90 minutes.

I still have one more scene to shoot, which will likely take place in the next week or so. I can't wait, as I am having a lot of fun being a part of the project.

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