Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My audition for the FINAGLE A BAGEL was a fun one. The commercial is set in Boston and is a play on the characters in the Oscar winning film THE DEPARTED, so there are a lot of bleeps in the commercial, all for humorous effect. In the audition, we got to improvise a little, which was fun, let loose, say some pretty nasty things...all in character, of course. I was reading for a blue collar type, so I had a lot of leeway as far as what I could say. I have to tell you, it's very theraputic to call a complete stranger a c*cksucker or a mother f*cker. When I left the audition, even though I was not in a bad mood going in, I felt better.

As far as the OVER COFFEE audition, it was a brief, informal meeting with writer/director Sean Meehan, who I thought was very cool. I read a scene as the bastardly Hamilton Rice for him a few times and he seemed pleased with what I gave him. Nothing is definite, but I'm hopeful that the role is mine.

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