Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Audition for Short Film OVER COFFEE On Wednesday

On Wednesday, I will be reading for 'Over Coffee', a short film written and directed by Sean M. Meehan.

The story centers on a young man, Andrew, who works at a real-estate agency headed by an obnoxious, overly-arrogant boss whose micromanaging extends all the way down to his choice of coffee. Although his job is not important to him, there is one thing that keeps him coming to work: his boss's beautiful secretary. Andrew will do anything to get her attention, even if it's just as simple as getting a cup of coffee.

I will be reading for the role of the arrogant boss, a man named Hamilton Rice and he is a real piece of work. I used to work in real estate, so I've met a few guys like Rice is my travels...people who take themselves way too seriously and think they are entitled to royal treatment.

I'll be meeting Sean tomorrow afternoon.

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