Thursday, April 30, 2009


THE WOMAN OF AMAZONIA rehearsals last night were spectacular. What great fun! Elaine Hayhurst and I continue to have a wonderful time playing Dee and Les, each of us discovering something new with each run through.

Last nights' run was to solidify and sharpen all of the comic moments and that we did. Hopefully, audiences will enjoy the show as much as we do. It's funny, sweet, only slightly offensive and very dark. I keep thinking back to episodes of TALES FROM THE CRYPT where those characters always got what they had coming to them.

Overall, I must say that the experience of working with Ashley, Meg and the folks at SANDRep has been a positive one thus far. I am confident that this weekend will go very well and that this is only the beginning of a very successful partnership.

Tech rehearsals will take place on Saturday afternoon.

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