Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I feel good about the audition I gave for TWELFTH NIGHT this morning. Again, it's for an understudy role, but if nothing else, I was seen and able to show my stuff.

If they can't use me in this show, there's always others.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pioneer Playhouse Announces New Season

The Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, KY has announced it's summer season of plays.

Here are the plays:

by Jack Sharkey

June 5 – June 20

A mother-daughter bond is hilariously tested when mom tries to derail her daughter's wedding on board a cruise ship full of ex-fiances! Kick off the 60th season with a million laughs and some "surprise" celebrity guests! Comedy.Rated G.

by Holly Henson

June 23 – July 4

Before he was a statue, he was a man.... A riveting exploration of the conflict, conviction and courage surrounding medical pioneer Dr. Ephraim McDowell and his patient, Jane Todd Crawford. An exciting adventure for your inner history buff! Written and directed by Holly Henson A "don't miss" 200th anniversary celebration! Visit McDowell House during the day & see the play at night! Rated G.

by Ken Ludwig

July 7 – July 18

When a famous tenor receives a double dose of tranquilizers before his Cleveland debut--his panicky producers replace him with a lowly booking assistant in a comedic masterpiece that is howlingly funny! Rated PG.

by Guy Bolton & John McGowan
Adapted by Anne Martens, Newt Mitzman & William Dalzell

July 21 – August 1

Adapted from the 1943 Mickey Rooney/ Judy Garland movie, an East Coast playboy falls for a hard hearted cowgirl--while a bunch of low down skunkin' varmits try to run him out of town. A rip-roarin', root-tootin' good time, featuring live country & western music. Rated G.

by Ken Ludwig
August 4 – August 15

When newlyweds decide to adopt, they send elderly relatives John and Maude 6,000 miles to pick the infant up. Unfortunately John and Maude loathe each they begin the journey of a lifetime, caring for a helpless newborn and learning a few lessons about life and love along the way. A heartwarming comedy. Rated PG.

New York Dinner Theatre Audition This Morning

My audition for Ann Marie O'Farrell, Artistic Director of the New York Dinner Theatre, went fairly well this morning. It looks like it could be a lot of fun and after my reading, Ann Marie welcomed me into the company, but just so I get an idea of how things run, I will first watch a performance on January 24th, see if it's truly something for me. There would be a fair amount of travel involved, all covered by the company and there is pay for the performances, so that's something.

I read for the role of an Irish priest in the interactive comedy show "Joey and Mary's Irish/Italian Comedy Wedding", which is the show I will be seeing on the

Monday, December 29, 2008

Got An Audition To Understudy The Role of Malvolio in Pearl Theatre's TWELFTH NIGHT

I will be auditioning to understudy the role of Malvolio in the Pearl Theatre Company's production of Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT on Wednesday morning.

An understudy is a theatrical term for someone who learns the lines and blocking/choreography of a leading actor or actress in a play. Should the lead actor or actress be unable to appear on stage because of illness or accident, the understudy takes over the part.

The Pearl Theatre has been presenting a wide variety of classical works since 1984 and it would be great to work with them...although the prospect of being an understudy is, admittedly, not very attractive.

TWELFTH NIGHT begin previews on January 20th and opens on February 2nd.


Thanks to Alan Weiner for these great pictures of me as Doc from the Hudson Theatre Ensemble's production of SNOW WHITE.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Got An Audition for the Great Play OUR LADY OF 121st STREET on January 11th

Got another audition coming up...this time it's for the play OUR LADY OF 121st STREET by Stephen Adly Guirgis. I have never seen or read the play, but I am certainly aware of it and it's acclaim. A few years back, Philip Seymour Hoffman directed a successful run of the show off-Broadway at his theatre company, LAByrinth.

The play takes place in The Ortiz Funeral Room and it's in big trouble. The body of beloved community activist and nun Sister Rose has been stolen from the viewing room, and now the neighborhood residents are waiting for her proper return.

The audition will take place on Sunday, January 11th at a theatre in Douglaston, NY...which would be a hike, but as I said in an earlier post today, no harm, no foul is auditioning.

Nabbed An Audition for NEW YORK DINNER THEATRE

Next Tuesday, December 30th, I'll be heading out to Long Island for an audition for the New York Dinner Theatre, who have been presenting interactive comedy theater at theatres throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for over a decade.

While the hike to Long Island may prove unattractive if cast, there's no harm, no foul in auditioning.

For more information on the New York Dinner Theatre, please visit

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Auditioning for THE MUSIC MAN on January 12th

No, you didn't read that wrong...I'm auditioning for a musical.

Even though I am not a trained singer per se (I can carry a slight...very slight tune) I can't pass up the chance to audition for this classic musical by Meredith Wilson about con man Harold Hill, who poses as a boys' band leader and sells band instruments and uniforms to naive townsfolk before skipping town with the cash. In River City, Iowa, prim Marian the librarian sees through him, but when Hill helps her younger brother, Marian begins to fall in love with Harold. Harold, in turn falling for Marian, risks being caught to win her.

Film and theatre buffs will know that the role of Harold Hill was made famous by the late, great Robert Preston, who played the role on stage over 1,200 times and reprised his award winning role in the 1962 film.

My audition is going to be on January 12th. There are a few non-singing roles in the show. We'll see what happens.


I received an email from Greg Vorob about the status of the comedy pilot OVERCROWDED.

Greg's feeling is that pilot will be finished in at most two weeks. At the present moment, Brian McCallister is doing the music and director Dan Kowlaski is color correcting. Greg saw the rough cut of the pilot with writer Dan Conrad and they were happy with its progress.

A premiere party/viewing/dvd collecting event will likely be set for the cast and crew after New Years, so it's on its way to being completed. Greg is so happy (as is everyone else) that they got Dan Kowalski involved with this project.

Currently, a second episode is written and will go into production in the coming months. Dan Conrad is in the process of writing the third episode and Mr. Kowalski is penning a fourth episode, so things seem to be looking up for OVERCROWDED.

Shifting gears onto a previous ALL THINGS RANDOM/RANDOM COCONUTS project...Greg also gave me an update on THE POWER TIME SHOW, which I worked on way back in March. There were some problems, but they have now hopefully been solved. Hopefully, I'll have more info on that in the coming weeks.

I should mention that even though he was not directly involved with the project, Dan Kowalski has agreed to do the editing.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lots of Sitting Around on KINGS

There was a lot of sitting around and waiting on yesterdays' KINGS shoot. Normally, that's part of the job, which I understand. There's usually a lot of setting up that needs to be done, people setting up the lighting, the camera, etc. The problem was that the actors were being held in a cold storage space with little to no heat. They could have done better than that.

Here's a tip for everyone during this economic crisis: If you're in need of a haircut and you don't want to spend the dough at a barber shop, then do background work and you can get your hair cut for free. Getting a free haircut was the highlight of yesterdays' shoot.

Again, I played a videographer for a royal event. It was part of episode 9 of this new series and will feature guest star Leslie Bibb (TALLEDEGA NIGHTS) who was on set yesterday.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

KINGS In a Few Hours

Todays' KINGS shoot is just an hour or two away. I don't know what kind of a day I'm looking at, as far as length of time is concerned, but I do know that I'll be working down by Battery Park in the financial district.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have been cast in THE DARROW CHRONICLES, a trilogy of plays about Clarence Darrow. I will be a part of a company of actors used to play various roles in the trilogy. I don't know who I'll be playing as of yet because there have been some setbacks with the timeline because the author, Gordon Browne, has had a medical complication which requires surgery in early 2009.

Director Lorca Peress will begin setting the roles once Gordon is feeling better.

As of now, here are the details:

March of April (TBA) - Public Reading of the Chronicles
Spring/Summer - Fundraising (possible Backer's Audition)
Fall or Winter 2009 - Production

My thoughts and prayers are with Gordon during this holiday season on a speedy recovery.

I also wish to thank Gordon and Lorca for a chance to be a part of this project.


I'm back on KINGS tomorrow, again playing a videographer for a party sequence. I guess I'm that good with a camera.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Today's 30 ROCK shoot was a quick at 6:30am, out at around 10:30am.

It was a fun set, with a humorous crew. I also had a chance to watch stars Tina Fey and Jack McBrayer at work.

As I mentioned yesterday, I play a guy on his way to the St. Patrick's Day parade.

In the episode, which will be the 14th of this, the 3rd season, you might catch a glimpse of me...just keep an eye out for a guy in a green bowler hat. That's me!

We shot two quick scenes on the mall at Rockefeller Center.

Very easy stuff and what great weather we had...nothing like the NEW YORK THING shoot from Saturday.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snagged 30 ROCK For Early Tomorrow Morning

Got a call from Barbara McNamara about working on the Emmy award winning show 30 ROCK for tomorrow, which is great since I've been trying to get on this show for quite some time now!

My call for tomorrow is 6:30am and I'll be playing a guy celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Rockefeller it should be a fun shoot, especially since it's suppossed to be 58 degrees tomorrow.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Today's shoot for the independent film A NEW YORK THING out at Newark International Airport was a lot of fun, even if we had to work out in the freezing cold.

I was part of a group of people waiting in line for a cab outside of the airport, when a man, hoping to catch a woman he's presumably in love with, decides to cut into the front of the line, much to the chagrin of the group waiting. I myself used some colorful language to describe how I felt about the situation, as did many others in line (don't mess with New Yorkers!). Everyone was having a lot of fun in the scene. We even made the sound guy laugh.

The cast and crew were all very nice to work with and even though we were working out in the cold, everyone managed to keep their sense of humor in tact and yes, we were finished, as promised at around 1pm.

The film is being produced by A NY Thing, LLC and is being directed by Olivier L├ęcot.

Principal photography for the film was set to be finished in 26 days and this was day 19, so the production is close to being finished before it goes into the editing room.

Friday, December 12, 2008

GADIS Commercial

Here is a link to that Gadis commercial I worked on back in October.

It's the second one called “Vivamos Como Galegos en New York”.

More than halfway through the video, you'll see me sitting on a police motorcycle in Times Square, being handed a large piece of fish.


Got a 6AM call for A NEW YORK THING tomorrow morning.

I'll be playing an airline passenger out at Newark International Airport in New Jersey.

I've been informed that the day will not be a long one. Ha ha ha...I've heard that one before.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Click Here for the DUPLICITY Trailer

Here's the trailer for DUPLICITY with Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti.

It looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Working on Feature Film A NEW YORK THING ON Saturday

I'll be working on this feature film on Saturday. I'm playing an arline passenger for a scene to be shot at one of the airports.

I'll receive all the other details tomorrow.


It was a relatively short day on the KINGS set and even though the cast and crew worked out in the cold and the rain, everyone managed to keep their sense of humor in tact.

In this episode, which will be the 9th of the new series, I played a funeral guest and in a brief sit in as the driver for the Prince (Sebastian Stan). Don't worry, I didn't have to drive...and thank God, considering the car was a Mercedes.

Sebastian was very nice, as were the crew.

Also on set today was guest star Eamonn Walker (OZ).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pfizer Commercial Today...Back on KINGS Tomorrow

Today's Pfizer commercial was an easy $200...even though I didn't do a blessed thing all day. Making money is fine with me...and easy money at that, but it would have been nice to have been used. Oh well! Take the money and run, I guess.

I'm back on KINGS tomorrow...third time in 2 and a half weeks...I feel like a regular member of the cast. It's a funeral scene (exterior...hope it's not cold) and I'll be an attendee.

The shoot will be in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which is not too far from home.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Working on a PFIZER Commercial Tomorrow

Got an early call tomorrow for a commercial for Pfizer, the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company, with the shoot taking place upstate in Tarrytown.

I don't know who or what I'm playing. All is know is that the commercial is taking place in a movie theatre.


Had my audition for DARROW just a little over an hour ago. Got a nice vibe from the director and playwright.

I read for Darrow himself, but I didn't feel like I nailed him. It's Darrow at 48, which I think I could pull off wsith some work, but it would be a tough sell.

Personally, I think I faired much better reading for acerbic newspaperman H.L. Mencken, the basis for the E.K. Hornbeck character in INHERIT THE WIND, a role I have always wanted to play.

As previously mentioned, the reading will take in January with a full production to follow, if the reading goes well, of course.

Audition for Staged Reading of DARROW Tonight

This evening, I will be auditioning for a staged reading of "Darrow" about the well known labor lawyer, reformer and social critic Clarence Darrow (1857-1938).

Clarence Darrow was probably the Johnnie Cochrane of his time and is most famous for defending the Darwinist Scopes, at the legendary "Monkey Trial" in the 1920's, which became the basis for one of my favorite plays INHERIT THE WIND, where the character of Henry Drummond was patterned after Darrow.

This is a backers reading and it is planned for late January 2009 with a full production to follow.

Monday, December 08, 2008


Here are some pictures from last week's RED WAGON shoot.

Here's director Sophie Tabet.

Here's me and co-star Michelle Bonfils.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


At exactly 29 minutes and 50 seconds into this past week's episode of LIPSTICK JUNGLE, you see a side view of my friend and colleague Herb Bennett and the back of my head in a park scene.

See the episode here:

If you pause real quick at 29:50 and look over Kim Raver's right shoulder (your left), you'll catch a blurry glimpse of Herb and me watching a game of bocce.

Click Here for the DOUBT Trailer

Here is the trailer for the film DOUBT, which features a prelude to what I'm sure will be master classes in acting from both Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

THE RED WAGON is Complete

Director Sophie Tabet has finished editing THE RED WAGON and plans on showing the film tomorrow night at NYU.

No details yet on times and location, so stay tuned.


Heard from director Darrell Goode yesterday about the status of the short film JACK CARSON.

Darrell informed me that the project is progressing nicely and that he hopes to have a finished product by early January.

"Evan & Gareth" Shoot

Todays' EVAN & GARETH shoot was a very underwhelming experience, save for the fact that the money was better than usual.

I had a better time (and more to do) working on the Comedy Central pilot from August, MICHAEL AND MICHAEL HAVE ISSUES.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


The dubbing session for THE RED WAGON last night went nicely. Michelle Bonfils and I got a chance to watch the edited footage of the film and I think it looks fantastic. I did find it a little difficult to watch, because it looks quite real. Hopefully, the film will be available for viewing on here in the coming weeks.

I wamted to give Michelle a little plug on here. For information of all of the many things Michelle does to keep busy, please visit her blog at

She also has a show of her own on her YouTube channel at

Friday, December 05, 2008


Director Sophie Tabet has informed me that the footage for THE RED WGAON is looking good and all that is required now is dubbing, the process of an actor re-recording lines spoken during filming that must be replaced to improve audio quality or reflect dialog changes. This process is also called automated dialogue replacement (ADR). Music is also dubbed onto a film after editing is completed.

Working on New Comedy Central Pilot "EVAN & GARETH" ON Sunday

On Sunday, I will be playing a cafeteria cook in a new pilot for Comedy Central tentatively titled 'Evan and Gareth Are Trying To Get Laid' and stars Evan Mann and Gareth Reynolds, two regular guys who work at, a male advice web site. They are crash test dummies for the advice they pass along to their readers. In the pilot, Evan questions his career choice after a string of bad dates, but with no Evan, there is no Gareth! Gareth must do everything he can to get Evan out of his funk, including dressing in drag, so his friend can improve his pick-up techniques.

The shoot will be taking place in Long Island City, which is not far from my home, which is always nice.

For more info the show, please visit

The 3 Best Things About Yesterday's KINGS Shoot...1. Ian McShane 2. Ian McShane 3. Ian McShane

Yesterday's KINGS shoot was an unmercifully long shooting day...15 hours (more overtime, but I'm exhausted) but it felt even longer.

All is forgiven though because I got to meet and watch the great Ian McShane do his thing.

I introduced myself to Mr. McShane in a break from shooting and he was very kind, sharing stories about his experiences in the film SEXY BEAST and in his Broadway triumph in Harold Pinter's THE HOMECOMING just a few months ago. Very charming and extremely funny. Later on, I got a chance to watch him work (as the King, of course) and the style and grace with how he approaches his work is something to be studied by all actors. It was the highlight of the day. Heck, it made my year!

The episode was the 8th of the first season. Again, the show's pilot is set to premiere in the next couple of weeks.

"Balloon" Music Video Shoot Postponed

It has been postponed until further notice.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


My voice over contribution to Brian Huselton's film TRAILER was brief, but a lot of fun.

I did get a chance to see a rough cut of the film, without sound, and it looks great.

Again, it is a mock trailer for a fake film and the fake film title is "Candy Canes". Brian plans to add some instrumental Christmas music...make it real dramatic.

From what I saw, the film has a nice, noir feel to it. Very cool.

Natrually, I look positively evil in my villanious role.

Brian is hoping for the film to be finished by Christmas.

Cast in Music Video - "Balloon" by Arizona

I have just been cast in a nice role in a music video for the song "Balloon" by Arizona (

The video for “Balloon” will explore the thoughts and dreams of an old man named Myron (played by me), specifically his dreams about working at a balloon factory.

The video will be produced and directed by Todd Wiseman of Wiseman Vision and will be shot in parts of Westchester County on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Should be a fun shoot.

Back on KINGS Tomorrow

I'm back with KINGS tomorrow, playing a videographer covering an upscale party hosted by the king.

The shoot will be taking place on Long Island.

I'm anticipating another early call and long day.

Directing The Actor Class at NYU

On the RED WAGON set last evening, I met director David Maire, who needed an actor for his "Directing the Actor" class for today at NYU. An actor backed out at the last minute, so I was happy to step in to help David. I ended up having a lot of fun.

The scene I worked on was from the television series FIREFLY, a show I know by name, but have never seen. I believe it was a science fiction show of sorts. Well, for all the FIREFLY fans out there, I played the role of Wash.

The focus of the course is to give young directors a chance to work with actors, to work on scenes from the ground up; discuss things like the characters' motives, objectives and intentions. It's a great opportunity for actors as well. It was nice to have the freedom to try different readings and interpretations; to ask questions of David, give him my thoughts on where the scene could go. My co-star and I ran the scene a number of times and David would give adjustments, things to raise the stakes in the scene, make it pop more. He'd drop these little hints that we'd take and run with and as a result, I felt the scene got better from the first reading to the last. Credit goes to David, who I thought created a very nurturing and collaborative environment.

That, to me, is the mark of a great director.

A Fantastic RED WAGON Shoot

Last evenings' RED WAGON shoot was great. Everything about it was fantastic; an organized set with a great director and crew; a pleasant and very professional co-star and a role that I could really sink my teeth into. Actors dream of this kind of working environment and rarely get it.

Playing neglectful husband and father, Timothy Jones was a great challenge for me personally. Hopefully director Sophie Tabet got great footage. The scenes were tough to shoot, as they were physically and emotionally draining for me and my co-star, the charming Michelle Bonfils. I would say that they were more draining on Michelle, since the scene involved her being raped by my character. Sophie kepts things very professional, which, given the subject matter, I deeply appreciated.

Pictures from the shoot coming soon.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Doing Voice Over fror TRAILER

TRAILER was a short I did a few weeks ago and director Brian Huselton contacted me about doing a little voice over spot for the film, which I am happy to do.

I'll be doing that for about an hour tomorrow morning in Manhattan.

THE RED WAGON Shoot Tonight

Looking forward to this evening's RED WAGON shoot. As previously mentioned, I've never played a sadistic character like the father and husband I'm playing in this film. I always like a new challenge.

The shoot should only take a few hours.

CUPID Shoot - Episode "My Fair Masseuse"

Yesterday's CUPID shoot was a long and exhausting one...15 hours to be exact. Thank God for overtime pay.

I was working on episode 3 of the new series, titled "My Fair Masseuse" and on hand for yesterday's shooting was series stars Bobby Canavale (Emmy winner for WILL & GRACE, THE STATION AGENT, THIRD WATCH) and Sarah Paulson (Golden Globe Nominee for STUDIO CITY ON THE SUNSET STRIP, DOWN WITH LOVE, THE SPIRIT). My MEASURE FOR MEASURE co-star Anna Chlumsky is scheduled to be on this episode, but sadly, she was not called for yesterdays' shoot.

CUPID will begin airing on ABC in just a few weeks, at the start of 2009.