Sunday, November 30, 2008

CUPID Shoot Tomorrow

I have an early call for CUPID tomorrow (6:30am) but that's alright, because the shoot will be taking place at the Hellgate Studios in my neighborhood of Astoria, Queens, a 20 minute walk from my home.

I'll be playing a patron in a bar sequence (Oh, how I love "interior" scenes).

As always, I have no idea what kind of a day I'm looking at.

You never know with these BG gigs.

Today's Industrial Shoot

Today's industrial shoot was an enjoyable one. The shoot was for the finance company Woodbridge and I played a member of their financial staff. As previously mentioned, the industrial is being produced by KZ Films ( and directed by Zachary Bennett and Karen Nourse, who were both delightful to work with.

I ran into an old 13th Street Rep alum, Chris Carlone, on the set, which was nice. Chris will be featured in the industrial as the Woodbridge pitchman, so I was happy to see that he's keeping busy. Chris was always a good guy and an ardent supporter of the original production of KEROUAC at the Rep. I wish him well.

In the coming weeks, the industrial will be made available for viewing on the Woodbridge website.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cast in Film THE RED WAGON

I have been cast in the role of an abusive father in THE RED WAGON, which is about a little boy in his tent, this huge kingdom he made for himself as a means of escape from the harsh realities of his life at home. He flashes back to a scene of him and his mother, when they stumbled upon a broken red wagon they decided to take home. That night, he overhears an argument in the adjacent room and peaks through his door left ajar to find his father raping his mother. My character works as a sales assistant for a phone company. He's been working several low paying jobs for numerous years, without real satisfying results. Dissatisfied with his life and lack of achievements, he reasserts his power over his wife - who he resents for having a higher paying job. Not a warm man, and reflects this through his cold behaviour with his wife and son.

I've never played a character like this. Sure, I've played some villians, but no one like this guy. I look forward to the challenge.

I'll be shooting my scenes on Tuesday evening in Lower Manhattan.

Thanks to director Sophie Tabet for a chance to be a part of the project.

Had An Audition for Short Film UNCERTAIN TIMES

This afternoon, I auditioned for the short film UNCERTAIN TIMES, for director Robert La Rocca.

The film is about Brad, a depressed man whose life changes when he gets a middle-of-the-night call from a hostile bill collector. I read for Brad.

If cast, shooting will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cast As Narrator in Short BOOKEND

I have been cast in a voice over role of a Narrator for the short film "Bookend", which is being produced by Andrew Katz.

BOOKEND is a comedy beginning with the peculiar situation wherein the members of a small women's book club know that during their meeting one of them will die. The film then unravels the unusual string of circumstances, which lead up to this awkward, morose tension.

No date has been on the start of production.

Working on Industrial on Sunday

Thanks to actor Tom Ashton for all the info on this industrial for KZ Films. It's only a bit part as a banker in a financial services office, but work is work.

The shoot will be for a few hours down in the Wall Street area.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Working on TV Series CUPID on Monday, December 1st

On Monday, I will working on CUPID, which is a re-working of an ABC series from the 1998-99 television season that starred Jeremy Piven (ENTOURAGE) and Paula Marshall (GARY, UNMARRIED) and follows the adventures of a modern-day guy who may be a reincarnation of the fabled god of love.

Once again, the series will be on ABC with the pilot slated to air in early 2009.

BLIND THOUGHTS Los Angeles Premiere

Blind Thoughts is an official selection of the NY Independent International Film and Video Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

The Hollywood premiere is set for 4pm on December case anyone happens to be in the Los Angeles area.

Director Harris Masood just got back from LA yestetrday and plans to head back out there next week for the festival.

Pray for Best Picture everyone.

For more info on the festival, please visit

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mouthwash Commercial Yesterday..."Chocolate & Bananas" Today

Both projects from this weekend were enjoyable. They were not long shots, which I always appreciate.

The mouthwash commercial, directed by Andre Kendall (great guy) was for "Chopper Washer," (interesting name, but not a real brand of mouthwash). The story for the commercial is that my wife finds a shirt of mine that has lipstick on the collar. She confronts me...gets in my face, yells at me, even chokes me a little. An advistory comes on the screen about using mouthwash if you're going to confront someone. End of commercial. After some waiting around, my sequence was wrapped in an hour. "Chocolate & Bananas" was a quick voice over gig...out in 15 minutes. I had a brief scene as Wendell's Father, having an argument with Wendell. Thanks to Kate Zabinsky for the chance to be a small part of her project and thanks to Andre for the chance to be a part of his project.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mouthwash Commercial Tomorrow

I'll be heading to Brooklyn tomorrow morning for this mouthwash commercial shoot, which should only take a couple of hours.

There will be no dialogue on my part. All I have to do is sit back and get screamed at by my on screen wife.

KINGS Shoot Uneventful

The KINGS shoot this evening was rather uneventful. We shot one scene at 25 Broadway and then we were done by 11pm.

The scene was set in a train station with commuters watching these large television screens. On these screens is the new king delivering us some good news. Two or three takes and we were done.

I'm delighted that it wasn't a long night shoot, but at the same time, I wanted more to do.

KINGS Tonight

My call for the television series KINGS isn't until around 6pm tonight.

The shoot will be taking place in and around the financial district and as expected, I'll be playing a businessman.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cast in Mouthwash Commercial Shoot For This Saturday

While I haven't received all the details yet, I do know that I will be playing a husband confronted by his wife. During this confromtation, the issue of bad breath will come up.

I'll have an early call on Saturday morning and will be reporting to Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn.

I'm going to have one busy weekend. I like it that way.

Cast In Voice Over Role in "Chocolate and Bananas"

I have been cast in director Kate Zabinsky's voice over short titled "Chocolate and Bananas".

It's about a girl, Wendell, who realizes that she can't ever really escape her past despite how hard she tries. I'll be playing her father.

Recording will take place for a few hours on Sunday.

Working on New Series KINGS Tomorrow

This is a show I've been trying to get work on for some time.

It's a new series starring the wonderful Ian McShane (DEADWOOD, SEXY BEAST, LOVEJOY). According to IMDB, "Kings" is a modern-day soap loosely based on the story of King David, in which an everyday guy rises to the seat of political power in his small town.

For Friday's shoot, I'll be suiting up, so I'm sure I'll be playing a businessman of sorts.

Music Video Shoot Yesterday

The music video shoot yesterday was for singer Toni Ann Semple and her single "Peep Through My Window."

The shoot was an enjoyable one and when the video is released, you'll see me as a man enjoying her show with his lady. The video was shot at the great Smalls Jazz Club in the Village.

The director was William T. Sutphin, who I liked working with very much. Very cool and professional. Thanks, Will.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Working On A Live Jazz Music Video Today

Snagged this last night. All I know now is that the video will be shot in a jazz club down by Christopher Street in Greenwhich Village and that it is being produced by Southern Fried Filmworks.

Could be fun.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TRAILER Shoot...Done In An Hour

Today's TRAILER shoot was a piece of and out in an hour.

I got to play the villian, so I had a death scene, strangled with Christmas lights.

Thanks to Brian Huselton for the chance to be a part of the film. It should be finished before Christmas.

Visited the Set of LAW & ORDER Today

Tommy South is an actor that Larry Lesher and I have both had the pleasure of working with and currently, Tommy has the lucky job of working on the television series LAW & ORDER, a show which I have been a fan of since its premiere in 1990.

Tommy works as a production assistant on the show, working with the producers, writers and actors and he was nice enough to take some time to show me and Larry the set, which is located in the Chelsea Piers complex on 23rd Street and 11th Avenue.

This was a big thrill for me, to be standing in the courtroom, the squad room and in the offices of the district attorney. No actors were available, as they were off shooting on location, but here are a number of pictures from the set.

Thanks to Tommy for taking the time to show Larry and me around.

"Trailer" Shoot In Just A Few Hours

Today's "Trailer" shoot should be a quick one. Director Brian Huselton has informed me that the shoot should only take a little over an hour.

Monday, November 17, 2008

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT - Episode "Alpha Dog"

Today's CRIMINAL INTENT shoot was a fun one. We worked nonstop from 8am to a little after 2, which definitely made the time go fast.

The episode centers around a condo developer, played by award winning actor Roger Rees (CHEERS, ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS) who wants to build condominiums on a historicial site, much to the chagrin of many. Someone from the historical society, wanting to protect the site, tries to thwart the developer's plans, but ends up dead.

We filmed two protesting Mr. Rees' character as he is driven away (in a nice, shiny Bentley) and in a vigil scene to honor the murdered victim. A scuffle ensues between two characters and that's when stars Vincent D'onofrio and Kathryn Erbe step in to restore peace.

The title of the episode is "Alpha Dog," and is expected to air on the USA network in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


A MAGIC HELMET is a film I briefly worked on, as a party guest, a few months back.

I received an email today from director Gaetano Crupi saying that principal photography on the film was wrapped a few weeks ago.

The hope is that the film will be finished by mid to late January.


Got a 7AM call for LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT tomorrow, with the shoot taking place on St. Nicholas Avenue in Harlem.

As earlier stated, I'll be playing a demonstrator, protesting as part of some historical society.

Working on NYU Short "TRAILER" On Tuesday

On Tuesday, I'll working on an NYU short titled TRAILER, which is structured to resemble...yes, a film trailer.

The fake film revolves around a man who stumbles across some money and the people who want to take the money from him. I play his best friend who mysteriously shows up with an opportunity concerning the money.

It'll be directed by Brian Huselton. Filming is expected to only take a few hours on Tuesday morning in Lower Manhattan.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I will be playing a demonstrator at a rally in a new episode of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT this coming Monday.

That's all I have at the moment.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


From Yahoo News

Add Christian Slater and Brooke Shields to the list of actors with TV failures on their records.

NBC is pulling the plug on "My Own Worst Enemy" and "Lipstick Jungle," two of its more high-profile young series, according to two network executives who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak publicly about the decision.

The network will not order new episodes of either series when their current orders -- nine in the case of "My Own Worst Enemy" and 13 for "Lipstick Jungle" -- run out, the executives said.

"My Own Worst Enemy" was given a big promotional pitch by NBC. The psychological thriller starred Slater as a man who had two separate identities and lives, and was slowly coming to learn about the situation.

But it was just another new series that viewers shrugged their shoulders at in the lackluster new TV season. The series ranked No. 61 in the Nielsen Media Research season standings, averaging just under 5 million viewers each week.

Shields was one of three hard-driving Manhattan career women in "Lipstick Jungle," one of two series that premiered last season with clear bloodlines to HBO's "Sex and the City." It was averaging just 4.2 million viewers for each new episode this season, according to Nielsen.

If it's any consolation to NBC and Shields, "Lipstick Jungle" at least lasted longer than "Cashmere Mafia," the ABC version of the New York career women story.

The executives said it was still not clear whether all the episodes that have been shot for each series will be used.

THE CAT AND THE MOON - 5 Years Later

Five years ago, I appeared in my last (to date) collaboration with both playwright Tom O'Neil and director Stanley Harrison, Tom's adaptation of the William Butler Years poem, THE CAT AND THE MOON, a spiritual comedy that followed two beggars on a journey to find a cure for their ailments at the Holy Well of Saint Coleman. A peculiar duo, the lame one (Nixon Cesar) acting as eyes for the pair and the blind one (Michael Andrews) serving as their legs, they find a host of troubles and difficulties as they travel through a world that seems to be made from their own dreams and longings. Little do they know that the mysterious Saint (Me) has his own plans for them - and that the cure they seek is not as simple a matter as they thought.

The show ran at the 13th Street Repertory Company this time 5 years ago and received rave reviews. I personally received some of the best notices of my life from this production. We didn't exactly to play to sold out houses, but the show was a personal triumph for me.

I mention this production because aside from a handful of other productions, CAT was the most joyous experience I have ever had as an actor. Everything was perfect. The part. The script. The director. I got very lucky that time around and that only happens once in a while in this business.

The cast included Nixon Cesar, a great actor that I had worked with in Israel Horovitz's LINE; Michael Andrews and George Carroll, who was fantastic as the character called The Bandit. These guys were wonderful to work with and I miss the good times we had putting this show together.

I musn't leave out guys like Jason Godbey, who did a great lighting design, set and costume designer Tom Harlan and Lorena Egan's spirited choreography. All were wonderful.

Of course, a huge reason why I did this production was to work with Stanley again. I learned a great deal from him during this production. I learned that acting wasn't rocket science and that first and foremost, an actor should have fun. At the time I started work on CAT, I forgot that as actors, we're supposed to play, to have fun and not treat acting as if it were a 9-5 job. Because of his guidance and care, Stanley helped me fall in love with acting all over again and as a result, the character of the Saint was very much pattered after Stanley; his mannerisms and way of speaking. The character wouldn't have come alive without Stanley and I will never forget him for his passion, knowledge and his friendship.

Criticizing One's Own Work

Actors are never satisfied with their work. At least, I'm not.

On film, we always wish we had one more take and if we don't, we pray that some magic will happen in the editing room. In the theatre it's a little easier to cope with. If you do something you don't like at one performance, you can always come back the next night and do it again. Every performance can be new and fresh and invigorating. That's one of the joys of doing live theatre but overall this struggle with never getting it right is an actors private hell. It's also the thing that motivates us constantly to strive to do better work.

Gene Hackman once said that when judging his own work that there are parts of his performance, little fragments, that he enjoys.

When I see myself in a film, I look at it and go, "Okay, that's good or that's okay", but most of the time I'm screaming, "What are you doing, idiot?" I recently watched a film performance I gave a few years ago and I'm squinting for the entire film. Don't worry, you'll never see that performance on my reel.

I tend to do the same thing in a theatrical performance. You do this acting thing long enough and you know and feel when the magic isn't there. It happens to everyone. There's nothing you can really do about it. You can't force things, because then you're not giving an honesat performance.

If I were to go over all of my work in theatre and film that I've been fortunate to be involved in, I would say that in almost every one of them, there are little moments that I am happy with and I remember them fondly, but I am never satisfied with the entire performance.

That's part of the journey of an actor. That's what makes it great.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Click Here For This Past Week's LIPSTICK JUNGLE

Here's the LIPSTICK JUNGLE episode from last week.

In the last 15 minutes, the party sequence that Norman Outlaw and I worked on takes place. You can see Norman and I real quick (very fuzzy though) in the basketball sequences with co-star Robert Buckley and New York Knick, David Lee, although most of the time, Mr. Lee is blocking me. Big guy. When Mr. Buckley manages to score a lay up on Mr. Lee, you can see Norman and I standing next to each other on the right. Very quick and again very fuzzy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Week

Been away for a few days, but I hope to get back into the game with work for the remainder of this week.

A few things...

- The Texas Shakespeare Festival auditions in NYC have been cancelled. Bummer. I forwarded my website and demo reel their way, so there's a chance they may still consider me.

- Received an email from friend and colleague Norman Outlaw the other day and you might have caught a very brief glimpse of the both of us on this past weeks' episode of LIPSTICK JUNGLE. I haven't seen it yet but I'll check out tomorrow and see for myself.

- Still no word on the American Shakespeare Center. If I hear anything, it'll be in the next week or so. If not, then it's not to be.

On a sad note, earlier this week, I received word that 13th Street Rep alum David Thomas Crowe passed away at the age of 45. David and I worked together on the children's show RUMPLE WHO and in a number of readings at the Rep and with All Things Random. David was a fine actor...always professional and always working. My deepest thoughts go to his family and friends.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Keep an eye out for me on the upcoming episode of LIPSTICK JUNGLE. You may catch a glimpse or two of me as a party guest at a big magazine launch event.


Shooting for the All Things Random sitcom pilot OVERCROWDED is now complete. Now comes the fun, yet difficult task of putting it all together.

Director Dan Kowalski expects to have the finished product ready sometime before Christmas.

Stay tuned.


Heard from director Eddie Torres today about the completion of his suspense film GENUINE KILL, which I worked on a few weeks ago.

I plan to meet up with Eddie later this week to get a copy of the film.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


The ARRANGEMENTS shoot ended just a few hours ago and while I am exhausted, I must say that it was a fun shoot where I had the chance to work with some great actors and director Joseph Chapman, who I enojoyed working with very much.

Joe and his crew are looking to jump right into the editing of the film, so expect a quick release of the film on sites like YouTube, Facebook or MySpace at the end of this coming week.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another SNOW WHITE Pic

Thanks to John Crittenden for this nice picture of me as and Sneezy in SNOW WHITE.