Thursday, April 03, 2008

Starting Work on Comedy Short TWO CLOWNS

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been chatting with old 13th Street Rep alum and friend, Jason Godbey, who is also a filmmaker (I've written in the past about his film GHOST STORY, which I appeared in briefly as an extra).

Jason and I have traded countless emails about a short comedy film idea that the both of us could work on...and I am happy to announce that Jason has penned a very funny script titled TWO CLOWNS, about two burlesque clowns (to be played by Jason and myself) who both fall for the charismatic dancer in their show, Lola. Each clown's feelings for Lola become so strong that conflict ensues, which may break up their act and friendship forever.

This movie will take a lot of prep with quite a bit of rehearsal, design and planning. Jason wants to make sure that everything is set to go before the cameras roll.

Also, I may sing. I may even dance, so look out.

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