Monday, March 10, 2008


I will be appearing in COURTNEY AT WORK, the last episode of Random Coconuts' THE POWER TIME SHOW.

Directed by Antonio Gamboa

The Cast Includes:

Courtney: Greg Vorob
Jessica: Jeanine Putzer
Warren Kopeki: Dan Conrad
Rudy {Personal Assistant to Warren Kopeki} Timothy J. Cox
Adonis O' Shea: Jon Crefeld
{Personal assistant to Adonis O' Shea}: David Thomas Crowe

The shooting for that will take place on Sunday, March 30th.

In other RC News...well, Greg's email explains it all...

As you may or may not know "THE POWER TIME SHOW" is headed for post-production next month. And further for those of you who may not know all along "THE POWER TIME SHOW" has been a packaged deal with another pilot, The Sitcom "OVERCROWDED", about four guys who share a studio apartment and inadvertenly ruin the lives of the people around them, especially their new neighbors, Newleyweds STEVEN & CLAIRE HANSON. So as the POWER TIME pilot is coming to a close, we are in Pre-Production for OVERCROWDED which is being produced by a new production company {We have gone our seperate ways from Abi Varghese and RANDOM COCONUTS is no longer our banner. OVERCROWDED will begin shooting with a laid-out full production schedule that will INCLUDE READ THRUS, REHEARSALS & ULTIMATELY SHOOTING followed by POST PRODUCTION. A call sheet will be made including YOUR SET CALL TIMES. We are expecting the entire process to be no more than one month all together. We are aiming to begin shooting sometime in JUNE. We expect POWER TIME to make its premiere and start making it's rounds in MAY, so we want to have that up and running first and then begin this. But Pre-production has already begun including work on the script and scheduling meetings with Directors.

Sounds like fun and I'm flattered to be asked to be a part of this.

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