Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thoughts on Jacob Lasky

Last evening, I was watching a great PBS documentary titled THE JEWS OF NEW YORK, which highlighted the achievements of Jews born in Europe who then came to New York to start new lives.

What I found most extraordinary is the the people highlighted all came to this country and created something, whether it was a business from the ground up or a Broadway musical (Jerry Bock and Joseph Stein of Fiddler on the Roof were highlighted)...all of them created something that they could call their own. It was theirs and no one could take
that feeling of pride and accomplishment away from them.

It got me thinking about TWO DETECTIVES and about Jacob Lasky, the character I'm about to play. This is a man who has nothing to call his own. No store. No piece of land. While the business may make a lot of money...how much of that actually goes to him? Not much, probably. All he has is his memories, but none of them are happy ones.

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