Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Robert Kreis

I just received word that a colleague from my days at the 13th Street Rep has passed away, Robert Kreis, who directed countless plays and musicals for many years at the Rep.

Bob and I worked together on the children's play RUMPLE WHO and in a number of staged readings. I always liked Bob, a nice man, an expert in all things music and classic movies, which we always discussed at great length. He was also a dear friend of Stanley Harrison and a big supporter of the projects that Stanley and I worked on. I remember how much he loved THE CAT AND THE MOON.

Bob was a composer and conductor and worked on revivals of CAMELOT and MY FAIR LADY. He always regaled me with stories about Rex Harrison and Richard Burton. All very funny.

Bob, I hope you're at peace now.

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Greg S. said...

Bob was an old friend, under whose direction I first played violin in a student orchestra as a teenager in the early 70s. One rehearsal found us in a blizzard and few players showed up for rehearsal. I was alone in my section and will never forget him coming over afterwards and saying "My your good, I must say!". Amazing how uplifting a kind work can be from someone you admire. Years later I moved to NY to attend Juilliard, and Bob followed a couple years later, landing at Citi Opera and other work around the city. He was a dynamic, lovely, elegant man, and he really helped shape my style of music