Thursday, February 14, 2008

100 Day Writer's Strike Ends

Yesterday was the first full day back on the job for Writer's Guild of America members who began their walk out on Nov. 5th. The 100 day strike is OVER! Thank God!

92% of the membership overwhelmingly chose to ratify the agreement negotiated between AMPTA (the producers) and the WGA giving jurisdiction over new media (internet and cell phones) and residuals for use that begins in old media (tv, film, dvd, video) and reused on the internet or cell phones.

In this 3-year deal, the writers got less of a percentage then they wanted but more than residuals that they get for reuse now. A huge victory in the eyes of many. Well-known name actors standing by the writers are also very happy to return to work and will have a large choice of material to perform in in the coming months.

The return of most 1/2 comedies will take 4 weeks before they are back on the air and hour long dramas 6 to 8 weeks before they return.

According to Actors Connection, production for EVERYTHING shot in New York is going to ramp up significantly. More opportunities to audition means more work in TV AND as more scripts can be finalized for films that were close to completion, film work, which has been in ramped up mode already, is going to explode, which hopefully prove beneficial to me.

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