Friday, February 29, 2008


The big news is that we have added an extra performance on Thursday, March 6th at 7pm. We are sold out for Wed, Fri, and Sat.!
If Thursday books up fast, we are likely to add another performance on Sunday, March 9th at 7pm. We might even add a few more performances for next week.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Pictures of Me as Jacob Lasky in TWO DETECTIVES

I plan on taking some tech rehearsals pictures, but I thought I'd post these new pictures of me as Jacob Lasky.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Registered With Central Casting NY Today

Registering with Central Casting is hopefully another step in the right direction in my goal of keeping busy (more than usual) in 2008.

Central Casting was established in 1925 initially as a wing of the major Hollywood movie studios. By the 1970s they came to dominate the field of extras casting. While their casting have been primarily for extras and background work, there have been cases where extras have been upgraded to featured extras, even to principal roles. You never know what can happen. I guess it's all about being in the right place at the right time.

In April of 2006 Central Casting officially opened its New York division and now works with television shows like LAW & ORDER (Original, SVU, CI), CSI: NY, DAMAGES, RESCUE ME, plus numerous feature films and commercials.

Check them out on the web here:

Harris Masood's New Film, A Cop Thriller

This new film will indeed be directed by Harris, which is great. It's going to be a feature film thriller which revolves around two detectives trying to solve a murder case.

The shooting is mostly in NJ, but I have been cast for a 1 day role as a Police Lieutenant and the shoot will take place in Midtown, NYC (Nice!!!).

The shoot will be one of 3 days, which is still unconfirmed, but I'm keeping April 12th, April 26th, and May 10th free.

Two film offers in two days? I could get used to this!

Monday, February 25, 2008


All Three Producers of the film TAKING IT AS IT COMES: THE MARY ANN COLLURA STORY, Edward Jupin, Fred Boas & Bhavna Patel have agreed on casting me in the poignant role of CHUCK, a mentally disabled man that touched the life of MaryAnn Collura. It's a small role, but pivotal in showing what kind of person Mary Ann Collura was. I'm honored and excited to be a part of the project.

Here's some information on Mary Ann Collura.


"Mary Ann Collura’s story is one of a truly amazing person. A person who never took one day of her life for granted. A woman whose selflessness, outgoing personality, and charm radiated upon everyone she crossed paths with. Hearing her story only makes you wish you could have had the chance to know her while she was here. It is a story that needs to be told!"

Here's a story from TruTv's Crime Library

April 17, 2003. Holy Thursday.

In Fair Lawn, it will always be remembered as the night Mary Ann Collura was murdered. She had, it seemed, always been a looming presence in the borough, a big boned girl with a quick laugh and a real gift for dealing with people. Even as a kid she had talent in equal measure for winning friends and scaring the hell out of anyone who chose not to be her pal. The first female cop on the Fair Lawn department, she also had real talent for elbowing her way into a man's world and earning respect.

Just ask her brother Paul, who remembered his embarrassment when Mary Ann convinced his little league coach to let her practice with the team, even though girls in those days were barred from playing. That embarrassment only got worse, Paul Collura had told New Jersey Monthly, when the coach approached him after a particularly sorry practice. During the practice, Mary Ann had made a spectacular play and the coach turned to Paul Collura and said, "Hey, Collura, how come you don't play more like your sister?" Needless to say, Paul Collura added, that was his last day in Little League.

If anything, in the two years since her death, Mary Ann Collura has become an even more ubiquitous presence on the elm-lined streets of Fair Lawn. In memory of her, the local post office was renamed. That took an act of Congress. They renamed the shooting range at the Bergen County Police Academy for her, and a room in the Bergen County Prosecutor's office was even named for her. In Fair Lawn, a local ice cream shops renamed one of its sundaes — vanilla with a hard chocolate shell, the same treat she used to push on her colleagues in the department - the Mary Ann. That didn't take an act of Congress. It took an act of love.

There is even a song written about her called "The Ultimate Sacrifice" by Peter Prince. It has become the anthem of the International Association of Police Women. The IAPA awarded posthumously Mary Ann Collura their Medal of Valor.

April 17, 2003 is also a significant date in Clifton. The memory of it is carved into Steve Farrell's body and it's etched in the minds of every cop who serves with him in the Clifton Police Department.

But ask about April 17 on that stretch of Paulison Avenue in Passaic where Omar Marti, the young man who murdered Mary Ann Collura and wounded Steve Farrell grew up, and you're likely to be greeted with silence or blank stares. If Marti, who died from a shotgun blast by his own hand and a fusillade of police bullets on a Florida roadside three days after the Collura murder, had imagined himself to be a legendary gangsta, a real life Tony Montana whose exploits would be remembered by budding young drug dealers everywhere, he was wrong.

"Taking It As It Comes: The MaryAnn Collura Story"

I have also submitted my materials for the Team Desert Sun feature film, currently in Pre- production, "Taking It As It Comes: The MaryAnn Collura Story"

Check it out here on

For more information on Team Desert Sun, please visit:

Harris Masood's New Project

I received a call from director Harris Masood (WHY I FIRED MY SECRETARY) yesterday about appearing as a detective in a feature film. I don't know any of the details at the moment, but stay tuned.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

TWO DETECTIVES Next Opens Wednesday

TWO DETECTIVES opens next Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited. We are now entering tech rehearsals in the Manhattan Rep space. The show is a lot of fun, with a fine cast and crew. I really hope people enjoy it.

Once again, the show is a Noir-inspired Manhattan-based mystery that spins an intricate web of scandal, sex, money, family, love and betrayal around a circle of characters racing for justice while caught in the cross fire of their own deepest desires.

The performance are the following dates:

Wednesday, March 5th. 9:00pm
Friday, March 7th. 9:00pm
Saturday, March 8th. 9:00pm


The Manhattan Repertory Theater
303 West 42nd Street, 3rd floor
(Above 'The Laugh Factory' at 8th Ave.)

Run time: 90 Minutes

Please call 646-654-6588 ASAP to Reserve Tickets(Highly Recommended)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Meeting With Shannon Walker

Shannon and I met this afternoon to run our scene, which went smoothly. Today was also a chance for Shannon and I to introduce ourselves to one another. Shannon's very nice and professional to work with and brings a toughness and intelligence to her work as Rachel.

We meet again for rehearsals with Chelsea on Monday.


Rehearsals continue to run smoothly. All of the blocking is complete. Now, we try to put it all together.

I'm meeting Shannon Walker, who plays my daughter Rachel today to go through our scene.

I'm back into regular rehearsals on Monday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


There is a good possibility that the show will have an extended run. Chelsea and her crew will not know if this is happening until the week prior to the existing show dates. If they were to extend the run, the performances would be the week of March 9th.

Back to rehearsals tomorrow night.

100 Day Writer's Strike Ends

Yesterday was the first full day back on the job for Writer's Guild of America members who began their walk out on Nov. 5th. The 100 day strike is OVER! Thank God!

92% of the membership overwhelmingly chose to ratify the agreement negotiated between AMPTA (the producers) and the WGA giving jurisdiction over new media (internet and cell phones) and residuals for use that begins in old media (tv, film, dvd, video) and reused on the internet or cell phones.

In this 3-year deal, the writers got less of a percentage then they wanted but more than residuals that they get for reuse now. A huge victory in the eyes of many. Well-known name actors standing by the writers are also very happy to return to work and will have a large choice of material to perform in in the coming months.

The return of most 1/2 comedies will take 4 weeks before they are back on the air and hour long dramas 6 to 8 weeks before they return.

According to Actors Connection, production for EVERYTHING shot in New York is going to ramp up significantly. More opportunities to audition means more work in TV AND as more scripts can be finalized for films that were close to completion, film work, which has been in ramped up mode already, is going to explode, which hopefully prove beneficial to me.
Here is my acting reel. Thanks again to Chris Bryan for his fantastic work on it.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Robert Kreis

I just received word that a colleague from my days at the 13th Street Rep has passed away, Robert Kreis, who directed countless plays and musicals for many years at the Rep.

Bob and I worked together on the children's play RUMPLE WHO and in a number of staged readings. I always liked Bob, a nice man, an expert in all things music and classic movies, which we always discussed at great length. He was also a dear friend of Stanley Harrison and a big supporter of the projects that Stanley and I worked on. I remember how much he loved THE CAT AND THE MOON.

Bob was a composer and conductor and worked on revivals of CAMELOT and MY FAIR LADY. He always regaled me with stories about Rex Harrison and Richard Burton. All very funny.

Bob, I hope you're at peace now.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Here are a few make up test pictures that I sent to make up and costume designer Rachael Harrington for Jacob Lasky in TWO DETECTIVES

Acting Reel Complete

The acting reel has been completed by Chris Bryan and has been uploaded to my NYCastings and Backstage pages for casting submissions.

I'm also in the process of having it uploaded to my website as well.

I can't thank Chris enough for all of his hard work during this process.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

THE FIRST STEP Shooting from Thursday Night...

...did not go well.

We were delayed for 3 and a half hours because the lead actor was late showing up to a scene that was supposed to be shot earlier in the day.

That, coupled with some technical issues, made me, admittedly...very moody. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

I only mention the experience at all because of what happened after the shoot was complete.

It was an amazing adventure that included:
- Waiting for a NJ Transit train for 90 minutes, only to learn later that I had missed the last train going back to Manhattan at 10:13 pm. The shoot ended at 11:00pm. I read the schedule wrong. Duh me!
- Calling T-Mobile's 411 for information and getting none. I love you, T-Mobile!
- Calling local taxi services and getting nothing.
- The kindness of 2 Montclair State University police officer named Officer Holmes and Officer Ryan. Officer Ryan, out of the kindness of his heart, decided to drive me back to Manhattan.
- Getting home at 3:45 am, dreading of having to get up at 7:15 for work.

Needless to say, I was and am still a bit exhausted.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

HowCast Audition...

...didn't happen because I'm AFTRA and they're only working with non-union right now.

First Rehearsal...

...went fairly well, although the actress playing was absent, due to being sick. The scene, as far as blocking and movement is concerned, has been mapped. Now I can start working on the scene.

Back again with rehearsals next week.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I have a brief meeting/audition tomorrow with HowCast ( where their slogan is "Imagine an ever-expanding universe of how-to knowledge, created for you and by you. That's Howcast."

Sounds interesting.

First TWO DETECTIVES Rehearsal Tonight

I'm looking forward to jumping into the play and the character of Jacob. I have ideas on how to play him, but, obviously, it's too soon to marry myself to one approach.

You never know what will happen in rehearsal.

That's part of the fun.

THE FIRST STEP Shoot Tomorrow Night

I received the script and schedule for tomorrow nights' shoot. My OCD guy has only one line, which is fine.

Hopefully, it'll be a fun shoot.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thoughts on Jacob Lasky

Last evening, I was watching a great PBS documentary titled THE JEWS OF NEW YORK, which highlighted the achievements of Jews born in Europe who then came to New York to start new lives.

What I found most extraordinary is the the people highlighted all came to this country and created something, whether it was a business from the ground up or a Broadway musical (Jerry Bock and Joseph Stein of Fiddler on the Roof were highlighted)...all of them created something that they could call their own. It was theirs and no one could take
that feeling of pride and accomplishment away from them.

It got me thinking about TWO DETECTIVES and about Jacob Lasky, the character I'm about to play. This is a man who has nothing to call his own. No store. No piece of land. While the business may make a lot of much of that actually goes to him? Not much, probably. All he has is his memories, but none of them are happy ones.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Cast in Small Role in the Short Film THE FIRST STEP

I have just been cast in a small role as a man with obsessive compulsive disorder in Stephanie Ann Krall's short film, THE FIRST STEP, which I auditioned for a few days ago.

The shoot takes places this Thursday at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cast and Crew List for TWO DETECTIVES


Hally Bondy as Natasha / Nurse
Peter Ciuffa as Sasha / Billy Friendly
Timothy J. Cox as Jacob Lasky
Joe Grimaldi as Detective Kawalski / Drunk
Einar Gunn as Barsinsky
Kevin Kellher as Tommy Sullivan
Basil Meola as Gino Rocco
Kevin Pinassi as Andre
George Raboni as Detective Lopez
Olivia Roric as Rhonda
James Venable as Bobby Sullivan
Shannon Walker as Rachel Lasky


Chelsea Landon, Director
Daniel Landon, Writer/Producer
Lyle C. Landon, Producer
Adra Greenstein, Production Coordinator
Leta Tremblay, Asstistant Director / Stage Manager
Rachel Harrington, Production Assistant
Lauren Spencer, Production Assistant
Alex Bone, Technical Operator (Lights)
Mira Leytes, Sound/Film Editor
Mark Krajanak, Photographer
Ryan Bartruff, Fight Choreographer

Saturday, February 02, 2008


The cast and crew of TWO DETECTIVES met for the first time today to read and discuss the play and I think it went very nicely. Director Chelsea Landon has assembled an able cast and crew, all of us looking forward to jumping right in.

The playwright Daniel Landon paid me a very nice compliment, saying how much he's enjoyed my reading of Lasky in the audition. That's always nice to hear from the playwright. I'm honored to be a part of Daniel's play. I think it's quite good. It has all the elements and ingredients that made great film noir classics like Double Indemnity, The Big Sleep, Touch of Evil, Chinatown so popular. Lies. Deceit. Kidnapping. Murder. It all makes for great drama.

I must say that Chelsea seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Very smart. Very tough. She knows what she wants and expects from us actors. You gotta love that from a director!

My first rehearsal is on Wednesday.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I Joined AFTRA Today

I years in NYC without being in a union was long enough, so today I decided to join the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (

I will receive my card in the mail next week.