Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Audition for the film THE DANCE on January 29th

On the 29th, I will be reading for director Zachary Donohue's comedy THE DANCE.

After a nightmarish prom night, a brave Sandra foster goes back to Port Catherine High for her 20th reunion. At first, it seems as though everyone has forgotten about that embarrassing incident that marked her for life. But after the champagne and wine start flowing, she realizes some things will never be forgotten.

Determined to make things right, Sandra resolves to slow dance with her high school crush, Dirk Birmingham, who she stood-up on prom night. Now in the spotlight, Sandra finds herself in direct opposition to jealous classmates, 40 year old jocks, and rumors that never die.

The comedy follows Sandra's journey as she revisits the past, confronting her high school years head-on. As the clock ticks, her chance of reinventing her reputation becomes unlikely, while the odds of history repeating itself seem inevitable. What Sandra finds will forever change her outlook on life and her opinion of cheap wine.

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