Sunday, January 20, 2008

Audition on the 26th for the Short Film THE FIRST STEP

On the 26th, I have an audition for the short film, THE FIRST STEP, directed by
Stephanie Krall.

It tells the story of Neal, is a man in his early 30’s and he has a problem- he is an extreme romantic, a.k.a. a love addict. This proves to be a huge problem in his life…he calls in sick to work so he can watch Casablanca for the millionth time, calls up strangers and asks them to grow old with him, and he has 23 girlfriends online, of which has left him feeling even more alone.

He goes to group therapy sessions for people with addictions, and meets a number of interesting characters. There he is introduced to Annie, who has a number of her own problems--she is a sex, cu-tip, and Chap Stick addict. Annie finds him extremely interesting, but holds back because of her own issues. Will Neal ever find someone to love him?

I will be reading for the role of Neal and if cast, the shooting will take place in Montclair, NJ.

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