Thursday, January 31, 2008 Commercial

Director Matt Porter sent me a DVD copy of the commercial and it looks fantastic.

It looks so good that I plan to add it to my reel.

Thanks again to Matt for letting me be a part of the commercial.

Play Recommendation: Thoroughly Stupid Things

If you want to laugh your head off, then I highly recommend that you get yourself down to the Manhattan Theatre Source (177 MacDougal Street) to see Thoroughly Stupid Things, which is a new sequel to Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, written by Alejandro Nieves Mendez de Jesus...and it's hysterical!

Not only is the script (following in the footsteps of easy task) spirited and energetic, but every member of the cast (including the great Synge Maher, Olive from Pioneer Playhouse's THE ODD COUPLE) give expert comic performances.

Visit this link for information on tickets:

You don't want to miss this!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TWO DETECTIVES Starts Rehearsal on Saturday

The first read through for Daniel Landon's play TWO DETECTIVES is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 2nd. The entire production team will be present at the reading as well, so I'll have a chance to meet everyone who is working on the show.

I read through the entire script and I am very excited.

The character of Jacob Lasky is an important one since the main focus of the story is about his sudden disappearance.

Jacob is a man battling some inner demons; the demons of the Holocaust and life after his experience in the camps. He's worked in the Garment District for 40 years, most recently as an employee of his own daughter Rachel, who inherited control of the Company after her mother's death. He battles crippling depression almost daily and while he wants to retire from the business to try and find some joy in his life before it's too late, Rachel won't let him.

Jacob suddenly disappears and that's where our story begins.

Lots of twists and turns...Like I said. I'm excited.

Jacob is another one of those nice, little supporting roles that you know I love doing so much.

Here is the poster for the show, which is a part of the Manhattan Repertory Theatre's WINTERFEST 2008.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Audition for the film THE FIRST STEP...

...took place this morning. I read the scene twice on camera. The second reading felt much better than the first. The sides I read were a lot of fun and the director Stephanie Krall seemed very nice, but we'll have to wait and see what happens.

In other news, Chris forwarded me an edit of my reel and it looks great. It will feature a slideshow of pictures from plays and films that I have appeared in, as well as clips from a few of my films. At the moment, I only have a scene from PADDY WHACKED in the film part, but I plan to have Chris add scenes from WHY I FIRED MY SECRETARY, IT'S ALL ABOUT MORISCO, even a brief clip from the play A SOLDIER'S DEATH as well.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cast as Jacob Lasky in TWO DETECTIVES

I am very happy to announce that I have just been cast as Holocaust survivor Jacob Lasky in The Cameron Company's debut production of TWO DETECTIVES, which starts rehearsal next Saturday, February 2nd.

I haven't read the entire script yet, but from the sides I have read, it looks like this is going to a great play to be a part of.

More to report soon.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reel Update

Heard from Chris this morning. He'll have a edit for me to look over tomorrow.


I ended up getting callbacks for both TWO DETECTIVES and THE GAY BARBER'S APARTMENT, but I had to pass on THE GAY BARBER'S APARTMENT because of a scheduling conflict.

My callback for TWO DETECTIVES was last evening. I read a few times for director Chelsea Landon, who seemed very nice and professional. Now, we wait and see.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Callback for TWO DETECTIVES Tomorrow Night

Very excited for this.

Audition for the film THE DANCE on January 29th

On the 29th, I will be reading for director Zachary Donohue's comedy THE DANCE.

After a nightmarish prom night, a brave Sandra foster goes back to Port Catherine High for her 20th reunion. At first, it seems as though everyone has forgotten about that embarrassing incident that marked her for life. But after the champagne and wine start flowing, she realizes some things will never be forgotten.

Determined to make things right, Sandra resolves to slow dance with her high school crush, Dirk Birmingham, who she stood-up on prom night. Now in the spotlight, Sandra finds herself in direct opposition to jealous classmates, 40 year old jocks, and rumors that never die.

The comedy follows Sandra's journey as she revisits the past, confronting her high school years head-on. As the clock ticks, her chance of reinventing her reputation becomes unlikely, while the odds of history repeating itself seem inevitable. What Sandra finds will forever change her outlook on life and her opinion of cheap wine.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Had 2 Auditions Today

My first audition of the day was for a surreal comedy called THE GAY BARBER'S APARTMENT. I read for the role of a stern dean of a prep school. I thought my reading went okay.

I got a better vibe in my second audition for the aforementioned TWO DETECTIVES. It looks really interesting, a play with a film noir feel. I did my monologue and then read for a 65 year old Jewish man (perfect fit) named Lasky. I read it cold and people seemed impressed. We'll see. They plan to make their decisions by the end of this week.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Audition on the 26th for the Short Film THE FIRST STEP

On the 26th, I have an audition for the short film, THE FIRST STEP, directed by
Stephanie Krall.

It tells the story of Neal, is a man in his early 30’s and he has a problem- he is an extreme romantic, a.k.a. a love addict. This proves to be a huge problem in his life…he calls in sick to work so he can watch Casablanca for the millionth time, calls up strangers and asks them to grow old with him, and he has 23 girlfriends online, of which has left him feeling even more alone.

He goes to group therapy sessions for people with addictions, and meets a number of interesting characters. There he is introduced to Annie, who has a number of her own problems--she is a sex, cu-tip, and Chap Stick addict. Annie finds him extremely interesting, but holds back because of her own issues. Will Neal ever find someone to love him?

I will be reading for the role of Neal and if cast, the shooting will take place in Montclair, NJ.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Having A Reel Created

If you are an actor, musician, model, or anyone looking for a reel, check out some of Chris Bryan's clips. He's doing a reel for me and he does great work.

Check out his site at:

My reel should be finished in the next couple of weeks. I'll have it on my site soon.

Thanks, Chris!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Audition on February 2 for THE THIRD STEP

Anthony Laura's (writer-dir.) play, THE THIRD STEP is a story centered around a dysfunctional family putting a party together for a family member with a life-threatening disease.

It was will be presented in late July/early Aug. at American Theater of Actors.

I'm reading for the role of Alex, a former cop and from the sides I've read, the guy has a past.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Everybody's Laughing - "Director's Cut"

EVERYBODY'S LAUGHING was an NYFA short I did more than a year ago. I was very fortunate to see a screening of the film upon its completion,but director Romain Ronzeau wanted to go back into the editing room to fix some things.

I received an email from Romain this morning and the movie is finally finished. He's
done a lot of tweaking in the final edits with much more focus on the characters.

The film is a surreal comedy about a kid who thinks the world is mocking him. I play the kid's father.

Romain plans to forward me a copy very soon.


Random Coconuts has been shooting their sketch comedy pilot "THE POWER TIME SHOW", a series of comedy skits being done as a series of short films, over the last couple of months.

Greg Vorob approached me a little while back about appearing in the skit "GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL" and I'm excited that work on the short is going to take place between March 24th-28th.

The short stars Greg as an office worker who suddenly has a stroke of luck, thanks to a guardian angel. There's always a price to pay though for such luck and the results are pretty funny. I play Greg's boss.

I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Audition on the 21st for TWO DETECTIVES

TWO DETECTIVES is a noir / mystery set in Manhattan during the summer of 1999. It runs early March at the Manhattan Rep.

It could be fun.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Long Day on the DOUBT Set

From 7am to 8:30pm, I was on the set for the film DOUBT, as background talent for a church scene with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and about 500 extras. It was a bit crowded!

While it was a very long day, it was rewarding in that I had a chance to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep (only briefly though, in her case) in action.

I thought Mr. Hoffman was pleasant, professional and funny. When he wasn't delivering sermon as sermon (as Father Flynn) he cracked a few jokes. As I said, I only saw Ms. Streep briefly, but of course, all eyes were on her when she was there.

The crew on the film overall was very warm and professional, as was director John Patrick Shanley.

Overall, I wouldn't say I had fun, but it was an experience. I don't think I need to do it again though. Doing background is nice a few times, but after a while, you start to feel like a piece of furniture.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Albert Bramante Meeting

My meeting with Albert Bramante of Energing Talent Agency went very well, I thought. Albert is very nice, professional and knowledgable in the ways of the business.

If he wants to work with me, I'll know within the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Early Call For DOUBT On Monday

I have just been given my call time for DOUBT on Monday at 7 AM. It's going to a long day.

I'm sure I'm going to have plenty to report.

Friday, January 04, 2008

DOUBT Fitting This Morning...Ready for Monday

The fitting for DOUBT this morning went smoothly. I'll be wearing a lot of my own clothing in my scene, which will take place in a church where presumably Phillip Seymour's Hoffman's character will be conducting mass. Not sure of my call time as of yet. I'm just happy that the scene is inside and not like the Bud Light commercial, because the weather has been quite unpleasant as of late.

I must say that the College of Mt. St. Vincent's is a beautiful campus. It's huge. Check it out on their official website

I'm very excited for Monday.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Book Recommendation: Born Standing Up By Steve Martin

Steve Martin's superb memoir about his early years in comedy is a smart, serious and heartfelt work that shows us a glimpse into the life of one of the great artists of our time.

Book Recommendation: Bruce Dern: Things I've Said, But Probably Shouldn't Have: An Unrepentant Memoir

Bruce Dern (now on HBO's Big Love) is an actor who I have always respected the hell out of. Drive, He Said, Black Sunday, The King of Marvin Gardens, Coming Home. So many great films. He's worked with practically every iconic actor and director and he’s not afraid to say what he thinks about all of them. His book Things I've Said, But Probably Shouldn't Have: An Unrepentant Memoir is like the man himself: honest, funny as hell and full of the intensity that has made his performances memorable for five decades.

Highly recommended.

Fitting for DOUNT Tomorrow

I have an 8:30 am fitting for DOUBT tomorrow morning. It's going to be a trek getting up to the Bronx early in the morning, but what the's worth it.

I'm all set for Monday's shoot. I know it's going to a fun and educational experience.

Great Hal Holbrook Article

Hal Holbrook and Sean Penn "Wild" about each other

Thursday, January 3, 2007

In 1981 when Hal Holbrook was working on the TV movie "The Killing of Randy Webster," a quiet, young actor on the set drew his attention.

"You couldn't help but notice him," Holbrook says. "He was obviously talented."

Sensing a certain unawareness -- even doubt -- in the young actor about his own talent, Holbrook and his wife, Dixie Carter, made it a point one day to let him know just how good his acting was. Some time later, they received a letter in the mail from the young man thanking them for their words of encouragement.

"It was so beautifully written. I have never forgotten it," Holbrook says.

Twenty-seven years later, Holbrook has even more reason to recall that letter and is returning his gratitude to its sender as he racks up critical praise and Oscar buzz for his role as widower Ron Franz in "Into the Wild." It's a part that was offered to him by the film's director-writer, Sean Penn -- Holbrook's correspondent from years earlier.

"You don't get in contention for awards in this business if you don't get the role -- you have to get the part," Holbrook says. "This role allows people to see me in a way they've never seen me before. But to give me this, Sean has given me a gift."

Holbrook, long associated with playing the distinguished older man usually involved in some sort of conspiracy ("The Star Chamber," "Capricorn One," "All the President's Men") or a historical figure ("Sandburg's Lincoln") or politician ("The Senator"), is no stranger to receiving accolades for his performances. He has won four Emmys and collected numerous other Emmy nominations for about 50 telepics and miniseries while performing his one-man show "Mark Twain Tonight!" onstage for more than 53 years.

"I'm indebted to the Mark Twain character that I've done for so many years, and it's a great relief to get on the stage and play him," Holbrook says. "But I never wanted it to get in the way of being an actor, and I have never thought of myself as being a star. I just wanted to be the best actor I could possibly be."

It was while performing the show in Fairbanks, Alaska, that he became familiar with the story of Chris McCandless and the Jon Krakauer book "Into the Wild."

An accomplished sailor and veteran outdoorsman, Holbrook says he related to the real-life McCandless.

"I have done a couple things myself where I put my self way out on the edge in the wilderness," Holbrook says. "I climbed a mountain by myself and was up there for four days alone -- I've sailed across the ocean in a 40-foot sailboat -- so these emotional experiences were very easy to tap into."

As far as playing Franz -- the last person that McCandless (Emile Hirsch) becomes close to before heading for Alaska -- Holbrook credits Penn's writing and Hirsch's acting to the subtleties that were reflected in the relationship between the two men, subtleties he says often are found in the silences between the lines.

"As much as he wants to give advice, he knows he can't intrude on this young man's space -- man to man, there's a kind of respect there, but it's hard for the old fellow not to say certain things," Holbrook says. "Sean wrote those scenes really well -- he didn't overwrite them."

For Holbrook, 83, who usually finds himself dressed in a suit for an onstage role, this role of an everyman with his vulnerability and human emotions felt closer to him than any other he has played.

"I'm a character actor -- I've played a lot of different characters from Lincoln to Twain to a homosexual -- a lot of different characters that are not me," he says. "I don't know -- I didn't try to do anything. I didn't try to act in this movie. I just talked to Emile and Emile talked to me. It has meant more to me than any role I've played."

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Upcoming meeting with Albert Bramante of Emerging Talent Agency

This past weekend, I received an email from Albert Bramante, who runs the Emerging Talent Agency in NJ.

We exchanged a few emails and I plan on meeting with him this Sunday afternoon.

The interview will be a chance for Albert to get to know me as a performer and a way for me to get to know who he is as an agent.

We'll see what happens.

Roger Stern News

Received this email fro, director Ritchie Steven Filippi regarding the Roger Stern films I appeared in 2 years ago.

Both Tell Me What I Need to Know and Give My Regards have a locked picture cut. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. Due to the last two features I was on, I have not had time to sit down with my sound
mixer to add in the foley and smooth out the audio tracks. I'm very
sorry about the wait to see these.

Excuses, excuses. God, I'm tired of excuses.