Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pioneer Playhouse Announces New Season

Pioneer Playhouse has announced their season of plays for 2008.

Leading Ladies
by Ken Ludwig

June 6 – June 21

Jack and Leo, two down-on-their-luck actors impersonate long-lost nieces (yikes! nieces!) of a dying wealthy woman. The old lady's health improves, people are growing suspicious, and Jack finds himself falling in love with his "cousin" Meg. A high-octane Charley's Aunt, by Broadway's leading comedy master. Rated PG.

Morning's at Seven
by Paul Osborn

June 24 – July 5

Kim Darby (who starred in True Grit and is a multiple-Emmy nominee) returns to the Pioneer Playhouse in this portrait of small-town American life, as a member of the quirky Gibb family, who've lived next door to each other for most of their lives. When sisters Cora and Arry have designs on the same husband, and when the son brings his girlfriend home to meet the folks, things are about to just maybe ... change? Revived to great acclaim on Broadway. Comedy/drama. Rated G.

Death by Darkness
by Elizabeth Orndorff

July 8 – July 19
Special Event! World Premiere!

"You will be changed by this cave," warns Stephen Bishop, the slave guide of a party of tourists at Kentucky's Mammoth Cave in 1842. Before the night is out, two visitors are dead, one is unmasked as an imposter, and more secrets are buried deep in the dark of the great Star Chamber. A murder-mystery inspired by local legends. Rated G.

Saturdays Matinees may be added!
Also, Q&A and meet the author, Thursdays and Fridays.

Love, Sex and the IRS
by BillyVan Zandt and Jane Milmore
July 22 – August 2

Two guys in New York room together, but to save money Jon has been filing tax returns listing the pair as married. IRS man Mr. Spinner comes to investigate and Jon's mother, financee and ex-girlfriend drop in, with complications sure to multiply! Rated PG.

Cookin' with Gus
by Jim Brochu
August 5 – August 16

Set your timer for two hours of laughs when cookbook author Gussie Richardson is offered a dream job: her own TV cooking show ... only to discover she "freezes" in front of the camera! Will hypnosis and her tipsy Gypsy neighbor Carmen help ... or become the perfect recipe for disaster? A sidesplitting comic feast, starring Playhouse artistic director Holly Henson. Rated G.

While I wish the Playhouse luck on their upcoming season, I have decided that I will not be returning this season.

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