Monday, November 12, 2007

Final Thoughts On TNOTLD From John Hurley and Brian MacInnis Smallwood

Here are some closing thoughts on TNOTLD from director John Hurley and playwright Brian MacInnis Smallwood.

First from John,

To my cast of 12th NOTLD,

I have been lucky to have had so many shows and so many casts which I have been proud of, but I cannot remember that I have ever enjoyed a cast so much as you both onstage and off.

I'm not going to wish for you such things which only luck can bring such as fame and fortune, but rather it is my sincere hope that you will carry with you in the coming days and years the same affectionate devotion to your art and the same childlike disregard for personal glory and good taste as you have shown to me in the days recently past.

May each of you continue to forget yourselves for the moments you live upon the stage and truly play, and may that joy live in each of you in days and times when your stage is dark.

You were an absolute pleasure to work with and an absolute joy to watch.

You couldn't have been lovelier,

John Hurley

And now from Brian...

Hey Gang.

It's appropriate that the day following the closing of the show is a
dreary one.

I find that all the adrenaline has left me. I'm sick, I'm exhausted,
and I can't wait for the weekend to get here.

But my god, what a show.

This was by far my favorite show I've ever seen. I loved watching all
our work come to fruition in this high paced, REALLY funny, good
looking show. I've never seen an audience in an Off Off Broadway
house react like the crowd at a WWE event. We had them laughing,
cying out, yelling, cheering. We had em in the palm of our hand. I
think about all the exhausted smiles as the audience left, and I think
"You're exhausted from the emotional ride, imagine how we feel!"

To the Cast-
You guys were amazing. You endured gruelling conditions with a smile
and a cup full of blood. You brought Shakespearean caliber to a
hysterical gorefest. I almost thought the challenge that this script
presented would be too much for us, and I'm delighted you all made it
look easy. This show was a gift to the audience, and I hoped you
liked giving it.

To the Designers-
You took nothing and made it into magic. I know it. You crafted a
perfect world for laughter and violence, and that's tough to hit. I
have a closing night present and a check for you. If you're out of
town, tell me where to mail. If you're in town, let me know when we
can hang out.

To the front of house and backstage crew-
Blood, sweat, and turning away customers. Not an easy gig. I want to
emphasize that I am forever indebted to you for making this run as
smooth and rubius as it was. We got buts in seats, put out fires, and
kicked ass. Thank you for that.

To Sarah-
This show was a mitzfah. You took on too much without enough support
and for little pay, and you singlehandedly made this show happen.
I'll remember this, and I got a long memory.

To John-

I want to thank you all for your work, but it's not easy, because it
means its over. Instead, let me say that I greatly anticipate the
chance to work with you again, and you'll be on my short list for a
very long time.


Brian MacInnis Smallwood

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