Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My Brother Cast List (** appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association)

Asia Booth - Jennifer L. Nasta
John Wilkes Booth- Peter B. Coleman
Edwin Booth- John A. Russo
John Sleeper Clarke- David Geinosky
Junius Brutus Booth- Timothy Joseph Ryan**
Lucy Hale- Myleah Misenhimer
David Herold- Jeremy Tant
Molly Booth- Allyson Morgan**
Young Asia Booth- Maggie Takyar
Young Wilkes Booth- Peter B.Coleman
Young Clarke- David Geinosky
Edwina Booth- Maggie Takyar
Garrett/Theatre Manager- Timothy J. Cox
Doherty-John Lopez
Shiphand/ Soldiers- Matt Brown

Writer _Brendan Russo
Director_Rhiannon West
Producer_Aaron Diehl
Stage Manager_ Kimberly Elenich

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