Monday, October 08, 2007

Cast in A Reading of the Play MY BROTHER at The Public

I have just been cast (in two small roles) in a staged reading of Brendan Russo's play MY BROTHER, which will be presented this Thursday evening at the Public Theater. Rhiannon West is directing a reading as a part of the New York Cornerstone Guild.

Here is a synopnsis of MY BROTHER:

Mid nineteenth-century America. A theatrical family falling apart at the seams tries to hold itself together as the country inches towards Civil War. Asia Booth, daughter of the great “mad tragedian” Junius Booth grows up with her younger idealistic brother John Wilkes (called Wilkes), holding down the fort at home, while their older brother Edwin tours the country’s stages with their father.

Upon Junius’s death, and Edwin’s failure to return home to the farm, Wilkes grows resentful, providing for the family as best he can, and vowing to carry on his father’s legacy on the stages of the South. At the onset of the Civil War, the divide between Edwin (a supporter of Lincoln and the Union) and Wilkes (a Confederate blockade-runner) grows even greater. They have become two of the most famous men in the country, while Asia is now stuck in a dead-end marriage to a third rate actor who married her for her family’s theatrical influence. With his mind warped by delusions of grandeur, Wilkes kills the president. The rest of the family is now left trying to understand the reasons why all of this has happened. Wilkes is on the run, while Asia and Edwin are left to finally face the ghosts of their past and – with the eyes of the entire country on them – to heal.

Thanks to Rhiannon for the chance to be a part of the reading.

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