Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Get a load of this...

“American Actor”
Begins Taping in Philadelphia

This American Idol-like production, as this program for Actors has been called, gives local actors a chance to display their talent to three of the top Hollywood agencies in the industry.

Actors in the Philadelphia area will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to display all of their stage and screen acting skills in hopes of being named the winner of American Actor: Philadelphia.

The stakes are high because the winner is guaranteed a slot on the network premiere of “American Actor.”

“American Actor” will be the first fully interactive internet reality show where audiences watching at home not only vote on a winner but actually decide on the plot and characters for the actors!

Because of this, the “American Actor” audition process will be unique - nothing has ever been like this before.

Michael Shoeman, creator and producer of “American Actor,” shares with members how the auditions and show will progress in finding the one winner on “American Actor: Philadelphia.”

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