Thursday, March 29, 2007

MW Last Night

Rehearsals felt fine last night. I think my scene with Kelly was more playful, bringing out the closesness between Annie Sullivan and Mr. Anagnos. Laurie seemed to like it. Something to build on.

We start tech rehearsals on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I was treated, compliments of Ray Arrucci and Lawrence Lesher (PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE), to a free ticket to see the musical CHICAGO last evening, which has been running on Broadway for 10 years. Of course, the draw was to see Bebe Neuwirth's return to the show amd she did not disappoint.

Musicals usually don't do it for me, but it was hard not to be impressed with Ms. Neuwirth. It was amazing to watch! I also enjoyed Rob Bartlett's performance as Amos Hart, the best part in the show, in my opinion. It's a role I'd love to play myself someday although I'd need to buckle down and get some serious singing lessons to pull it off.

As always, it's great to see Ray and Larry, who are both keeping busy. Ray has had two callbacks for a role in the Broadway hit JERSEY BOYS (hope he gets it), while Larry is in rehearsals for the play STOP KISS, which opens in May.

As for myself, I'm back with THE MIRACLE WORKER tonight and as always, thinking about where the next job is going to come from. I am excited about the commercial shoot on Saturday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saturday Film Project

The Saturday film project is actually a spec commercial for 24/7 FITNESS.

I'm playing a guy on a date who's been making excuses for not going to the gym (sounds a lot like me).

Should be a short shoot, only a few hours, but it should be fun.


Rehearsal for me was brief last evening. I went in, did my scene once and went on my way. Laurie Brongo, the director, was absent, plus we had to rehearse in a things were understandably a little off. That's okay. We have time.

Regarding that film project I mentioned a few days back, it looks like it's going to happen early on Saturday morning. Still waiting for confirmation though.

Monday, March 26, 2007

SIX DEGREES Ended This Past Weekend

It was with a sigh of relief that the final performances of SIX DEGREES took place this past weekend. We did have nice houses and audiences seemed to enjoy it, but with all that happened over the course of rehearsals and the performances, I think the entire cast was looking forward to moving on.

I will miss this cast though...most of them at least. Many of them were quite professional and fun to be around. comment.

Now...on to THE MIRACLE WORKER. Back with rehearsal this evening. It's a fairly light week as far as rehearsals for me go. Next week (tech/production week) is when things get busier.

Keep an eye out for a return appearance from Leopold on The GooTube Conspioracy. Should be up soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Audience Reactions to SIX DEGREES

While we didn't get reviews, we did receive a number of audience responses on the production of SIX DEGREES.

Cheers to the cast and crew on a splendid production of Six Degrees of
Separation. I remember the movie from many years ago, but I think it works
better as a play.

I loved so many things about the production. First, I loved the fact that
the piece was so many different things, it was part mystery, part comedy,
even farcial at times. Wherever the play went, I was totally engaged all
the way through to the end.

As far as the performances, I adored Michael Hagins' Paul. I understood
his character's reasons for his actions and was greatly moved. You look in
his eyes and you see the pain, the angst, the frustration, the struggle for
identity and humanity. It was wonderful to watch.

An amazing supporting cast surrounded Mr. Hagins: Roy Aialon's Trent
Conway was a personal favorite from the ensemble. There was something about
him that I found irresistible. Very sly. Can he be trusted? I also enjoyed
Gerry Kirschbaum, who was charming in his all too brief appearance as
millionaire Geoffrey. Timothy J. Cox and Elizabeth Yocam were fantastic as
the warring Larkin and Kitty while Manny Liyes and Dan Zimmerman were
hysterically funny as the feuding Fine family.

I commend directors John Ciccarelli and Leticia Diaz on jobs well done.

Thank you all for your wonderful work and I wish each of you luck in your
future productions, projects, etc.

Sincerely yours,

Anna Klinger, NYC Filmmaker


Hello, my name is David Corkran. I am currently studying acting at HB
Studios. I attended a performance of Six Degrees of Separation last week
and wish to share my thoughts on the performances.

Walking away from the performance, I must say I was most impressed by the
ensemble performances, each adding much needed energy to their scenes.

All members of the ensemble took what other actors would consider
"nothing" roles and blew them up.

I commend them for their great work.

Thank you and Good Luck with the remainder of your run!

David Corkran, Actor


I attended last evening's presentation of the play and I was impressed
with the professionalism of the production. Great space and set.

I love the play. Great choice. I'm making a trip to the Drama Book Shop to
pick up a copy of the play.

There were so many great performances, but the ones that stand out for me
are the hysterical Mr. Liyes (loved his character), Mr. Cox and Ms. Yocamm
(perfect together as the feuding parents) and Michael Hagins (very sharp as
Paul). Great work!

Overall it was a very impressive display of talent.

Thank you!
Andrew Corkin



My name is Malcolm Doldron, an aspiring writer/poet.

I wished to take a moment to commend the entire cast of 6 Degrees of
Separation on a splendid presentation of the play, which I viewed last

Thank you for the wonderful performance and I wish each of you the best of
luck in your remaining performances.

Warmest Regards,

Malcolm Doldron


Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday Night's Performance

Last evening's return to SIX DEGREES was a real pleasure. A solid performance with a receptive and delighted audience.

Only 3 performances left and from what I hear, all of them should be great houses.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


It was nice to jump back into Mr. Anagnos' shoes for MIRACLE WORKER rehearsal last evening. We ran through the scene twice where the first run through ending up being a warm up. I haven't rehearsed the scene since February 28th, so I used that first run through to shake some of the dust off. After that, we ran it again and in that second run, the scene seemed to move along nicely. Laurie seemed happy with it.

Back with SIX DEGREES tonight. I hope we have nice audiences in our closing weekend.
I hope the energy from last week is still there.

We'll see.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


There have been and there will be no reviews for SIX DEGREES, which is probably a good thing, considering all that has happened with the production.

Back to MIRACLE WORKER rehearsals tonight. Haven't been there since February 28th. At this point, I'm solid on the scene and approach to Anagnos, so it should be a piece of cake.

I'm awaiting word on a possible new film project. More to come on that hopefully in the next day or so.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Here are a few pictures from SIX DEGREES.

Pictured with my onstage family Michael Rhett (Ben, my son) and Elizabeth Yocam (Kitty, my wife). Such a happy family.

Ben and his father do not get along at all, as this picture clearly shows.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Opening Weekend An Overall Success

The opening weekend for SIX DEGREES was, overall, a good one. We played to nice houses and one fantastic house on Saturday night (just about full).

Prior to last evenings' performance, some photos were taken from some of the scenes. Hopefully I'll have a chance to get some up here later in the week.

In other news, I have an audition for a short film tonight and I will return to rehearsals for THE MIRACLE WORKER on Wednesday.

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Plug for Stanley

I just received word that the great Stanley Harrison is playing the role of Gonzalo (a role I want to play someday) in the American Globe Theatre's presentation of Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST.

Michael Mele (Stage Manager Extraordinaire from PICASSO) serves as Stage Manager on this production and I am pretty envious of him right about now.

For more information on the show, please visit:

Here's a picture of Stanley in action

Opening Night of SIX DEGREES

On the whole, I have mixed feelings about the opening night performance of the show last night. It took a long time for the show to take off, but when it did, the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves and tben it dropped off again in the end.

On a happy note, it was great to see my parents. Also, I was surprised by my girlfriend Amanda and her parents, eho had never met my it was nice.

NYC is expected to get hit with a heavy snowstorm this weekend. It's hailing a little right now. That might affect the show.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


The final tech/dress for SIX DEGREES was wonderful. Energetic, enthusiastic and fun. Tonight is the big night. I hope we have a nice crowd. I hope people can find the theatre (not marked very well).

I connected with Kyle Pierson briefly last evening to reprise Leopold (my voice only) from The Gootube Conspiracy. Leopold seems to be getting into something that may prove too deep for him. (Cue dramatic music). As always, it's fun to work with Kyle. No matter happens, he always thinks of creative ways to get what needs to be done.

I'm excited about tonight's opening.

More to report tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Last Tech for SIX DEGREES

This is it tonight. The final dress/tech rehearsal before the opening tomorrow night.

According to the Well Urned producers, ticket sales for the opening look good. I'm excited that my parents will be in the audience.

I will certainly report the exploits of opening night on Friday morning.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Paddy Whacked: The Irish Mob is coming back on the History Channel in honor of St. Patrick's Day (Saturday, March 17th at 5:00 pm).


Tech rehearsals are always exhausting, especially the first ones. New space, adjustments to blocking need to be made. Then you add lights and sound into the mix and it could all go on for hours bringing it all together.

We worked from around through the show; stopped only a few times to make some blocking adjustments for lighting purposes.

The Access Theatre is a great space and perfect for this play. I enojyed my first night there and look forward to getting back there again.

Some of the problems still exist, but at this point, I can't worry about it anymore.

Click This...I'm on

I have arrived! (Joking, of course.)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Xbox News

Just received this email from Ed Herbstman regarding the Xbox game,

"The game is still alive and kicking. We're in the final testing stages now, and we're completing the manual and the final interface. I don't know if it's 2 months away or three. But I will be sure to let you know just as soon as it's out."

Just have to wait and see.

SIX DEGREES Opens Thursday

Production week for SIX DEGREES has arrived. We start tech rehearsals in the Access Theatre this evening.

I hope the show comes together. I am confident that parts of the show are pretty solid, but as a whole, it may take a few performances.

In other news, no MIRACLE WORKER rehearsal for me until March 21st.

Friday, March 09, 2007

SIX DEGREES to Open Next Thursday

We continued to run the show this week, with varying degrees of success. The problems with the show persist, but at this point, what can anyone do about it.

"I will not be negative", I keep telling myself. I will not get that way. I'm going to go out there and do my job as an actor and do it the best that I know how. My job is not to worry about other aspects of the production. My job is to play that's what I'm going to do.

Whatever else happens, I have no control over.

I have had a lot of fun with the role over these weeks and have cherished working with Elizabeth Yocam, who plays my wife Kitty. Beth is great to work with, a real pro and a class act.

Our last rehearsal before tech week is tomorrow.

We're getting close.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I think all of us (my girlfriend Amanda, director Harris Masood and producer Ross Masood) didn't know what to expect going into last evening's event at the Collective Unconscious where WHY I FIRED MY SECRETARY was screened. What we got was our film, which looked good on a big screen, in addition to an episode of the HBO series CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM with Larry David (very funny) and AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE (very odd).

We were the only people in attendence and that bummed me out a little bit (no host from CU? Odd.), but I will say once again that it was nice to see the film on a big screen.

I received word from Harris that it will be playing at another festival here in NYC next month. Details to follow.

Back with SIX DEGREES tonight. Let's hope we keep that momentum from Saturday's rehearsal.

Monday, March 05, 2007



I am happy to announce that rehearsal for SIX DEGREES was much, MUCH better on Saturday. Now we just need to keep that momentum.

Tonight, WHY I FIRED MY SECRETARY will be featured at a film festival at the Collective Unconscious Theatre. Very excited for that.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Just got this from director Harris Masood:

We did it guys! Why I Fired My Secretary will be playing at its first
film festival Monday at Tribeca! Actually not at Tribeca.
We all received great feedback from all over. The film has been viewed
by over 1000 viewers online as well as comedians, actors, and
producers in the industry. I received many compliments on the acting
that all of you performed and so I wanted to deliver the compliments
to you guys. For those of you who have not received a dvd copy, you
will receive one really soon. Here is where the film is playing. I do
not believe that this is a children's event so the kids may not be
able to attend this festival. This is a curated film series with other
shorts. The admission is $5. So if any of you are planning to attend,
that would be great. Again, thanks for making this possible

The show is Monday, March 5th, 2007 @ 7:30 pm

The Collective for Loving Cinema Series
Collective Unconscious Theater
279 Church Street
NYC, NY 10013


Wow. Just when I thought that the show was coming together a little, last night happens. I won't say much about it except that the problems with the show right now have to do with the fact that some people are not doing their jobs and its affecting the entire production.

But I am going to remain positive...or try to.

We're back with rehearsal again on Saturday. I hope that things will turn around.

I really hope they do.

On a positive note, I would like to congratulate my good friends from Marietta College, Eric and Maleah Gustafson, on the birth of their son Nathaniel.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


The TROUBLE shoot came together nicely. One of the actors bowed out of the shoot at the last minute, so director Dan Fishman scrambled quickly to find someone to step into the vacated role. He did indeed find someone and the shoot went underway.

It was interesting to watch it all come together. The scene was filmed on three cameras, with lighting. I felt like I was doing a live television show from the 1950's, like Studio One. The crew had to think and act fast, which they did. I commend Dan for his grace under pressure and thank him for letting me be a part of his film.

THE MIRACLE WORKER rehearsal went very well last night. I'm having a great time playing the gruff, but extremely likable Mr. Anagnos.

Back with SIX DEGREES tonight.