Wednesday, February 28, 2007


SIX DEGREES rehearsal ran much smoother last evening. We're not there yet, but we still have a lot of time.

I'm shooting the NYU film TROUBLE in a few hours. Looking forward to it.

Back with MIRACLE WORKER rehearsal tonight.

"Why I Fired My Secretary" News

Just received word from director Harris Masood that "Why I Fired My Secretary" will be playing at Collective: Unconscious, in Tribeca, at a birthday themed film festival on March 5th. Time TBA.

Harris will email all the details once he finds out for sure if it
it will be played.

The film has also been submitted to First Sundays Comedy film festival at Chicago City Limits. Still waiting for confirmation that it was accepted.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two Films on YouTube

With the help of Nathaniel Paluga of T&B Motion Picture Company, two old films of mine are now on YouTube including It's All About Morisco, the first film I did in New York, a very funny talk show parody with wrestling star Morisco, Luciano Pavoratti and Jesus H. Christ. I play former President Bill Clinton in what can best be described as an impression of the late, great Phil Hartman doing his impression of the former President. I have many fond memories of the film, working with director Vinny Cresta, actor Michael Silva (as JB) and the entire crew, including Nathaniel who served as sound mixer on the film. The film is 45 minutes long and worth a watch. Very funny stuff. My appearance as President Clinton is 15 minutes into the show. I apologize for the quality of the film as it was burned over to the net from a VCR copy.

Here's the link to It's All About Morisco

The second film is Cleve Lamison's (BlackBird Picture Co.) short film The Story, which I did a little over 4 years ago. Jon Lewis (who I met at the 13th Street Repertory Company), who plays the male lead in the film got me involved in the film and as I mention in the little intro that Nathaniel was kind enough to add, I had no idea what to expect. When you hear the dialogue, you'll understand what I mean. The film is a lot like Neal LaBute's In the Company of Men, with very raw dialogue, so I wanted to warn people, especially you, Mom.

Here's the link to The Story

Pictures from Core24 "Drawing the Curtains"

Here I am, pictured with Gina Stec and Vinnie Penna in Tim Sutton's "Drawing the Curtains".

Thanks to Tim for these photos.

Monday, February 26, 2007


SIX DEGREES rehearsals last week, were admittedly, a little rough. We have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks, but I am confident that the show is going to come together. I have rehearsals for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, so we have many chances to polish the show.

As for THE MIRACLE WORKER, it's looking very nice so far. Laurie felt that the cast did some terrific work at last evening's stop and start style run through of Act One. I have rehearsal again on Wednesday evening.

The film shoot for TROUBLE is on Wednesday morning. It's a short scene, so it won't take long, but I am looking forward to it nonetheless.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cast in NYU Project, "TROUBLE"

I have just been cast in Dan Fishman's new NYU project "Trouble".

The project will be shot at NYU next Wednesday, February 28th.

Dan's project is an assigned scene from another dramatic work. He's
taking the text out of context, and performing the script in a new context.
It is intended to help the director not worry about originality and focus on
directing the actor. The scene centers around Adam, a criminal
prodigy being set up by the police, as well as the prodigy's
assistant, Charles, played by me.

Back with SIX DEGREES tonight. We're going for our first run through tonight. We will repeat that on Saturday.

Back with THE MIRACLE WORKER on Sunday, for a run through of the first act.

Monday, February 19, 2007

NYC's 13th Street Rep Facing Possible Eviction

It doesn't look good for the theatre.

NYC's 13th Street Rep Facing Possible Eviction

February 16, 2006
By Simi Horwitz

Off-Off-Broadway's 13th Street Repertory Company is facing eviction proceedings if it does not vacate its premises at 50 West 13th St. by Feb. 28. The pending eviction is the latest blow for the company and its 89-year-old artistic director, Edith O'Hara, who founded the theatre in 1972. O'Hara also lives on the premises, as do many other artists and administrators connected to the theatre. Eviction looms as the culmination of a series of legal and financial maneuvers among the players. The property's majority shareholder is Stephan Loewentheil, president of White Knight Ltd.

O'Hara's View

Last week O'Hara provided Back Stage with a copy of a Jan. 26 "notice to quit/notice to terminate" addressed to the 13th Street Repertory Company and signed by Loewentheil as president of White Knight Ltd.

It reads: "Please take notice, that the undersigned owner and landlord of the premises known as 50 West 13th Street…hereby demands that you vacate and remove from the premises now occupied by you including all spaces in the building claimed by you under any purported lease or any purported net lease and that you vacate on or before the 28th day of February, 2006. You and all other persons occupying the premises are hereby notified that unless you remove from said premises on or before the 28th day of February, 2006, the undersigned will commence legal proceedings to remove and/or evict you from occupancy of the premises."

O'Hara, a part owner of the building that houses the theatre, says that in 1982 she jointly purchased the property with the corporation White Knight Ltd., then headed by Gordon Milde, whom she believed "shared her vision" for the theatre as a nonprofit institution with a long future. Because he had more money to invest in the property than she, O'Hara "thanked him" for his investment "by giving him half my stock in the theatre -- the theatre represents 25 percent of the building -- and he became the majority shareholder with 62 and a half percent ownership."

Now acknowledging -- and regretting -- her lack of business savvy, O'Hara contends that from the outset Milde wanted to sell the building for a hefty profit and was just biding his time while the property appreciated in value. O'Hara's daughter, actor Jenny O'Hara, offered to buy out Milde's share. A protracted negotiation followed, with Milde raising his price substantially, according to Edith O'Hara. Further, he insisted that Jenny O'Hara put $10,000 in escrow, which she did, recalls Edward Kanbar, a pro bono attorney and personal friend of Edith O'Hara, who is assisting on the case.

"On the day of the closing, when we all met at the office of Milde's attorney, Milde abruptly decided he wanted to talk it all over with his brother, also a lawyer, and walked out, never to return," says Kanbar. In 2004, Milde sold his shares in the property to Loewentheil without giving the O'Haras the chance to make an offer, Kanbar says, adding that he was especially troubled by the price paid for the shares: "Milde sold them for $800,000 when, in fact, comparable property on that block is going for $6 million." Kanbar says he suspects that Milde is still a behind-the-scenes operator, using Loewentheil as a kind of front.

Milde refused to comment on the matter, saying only, "There are a lot of inaccuracies here. I will not respond. I will let you corroborate with someone else to see if it's accurate." A few hours later, he left a message on this reporter's voice mail, saying, "Edith O'Hara is a dear sweet woman, but sometimes lets her emotions get in the way of the facts."

Loewentheil's View

In the meantime, Back Stage received a four-page letter, dated Feb. 8, from Loewentheil's attorney, Steven Eckhaus. It reads in part, "In December 2004, after suffering years of frustration as a result of these legal and financial issues and what he perceived as mistreatment by Ms. O'Hara, Mr. Milde…sold his entire majority interest in the corporation to the Loewentheil family in an arm's length transaction. The Loewentheils have made every effort to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement with Ms. O'Hara, including offering to buy her shares for full market value while also allowing her to operate the theatre and live in the building for her lifetime for rents of only one dollar a year for herself and for the theatre. Ms. O'Hara rejected this opportunity and many other efforts to reach a fair and equal solution…. She has even ejected [sic] an offer from the Loewentheils that would have allowed her to purchase their shares…. To the present time the Loewentheils have received no income or benefits of any kind from the building."

The letter goes on to say that the building is "vastly underinsured, presenting substantial financial risk to [O'Hara's] co-shareholders…. Additional insurance cannot be obtained without an inspection, which she does not allow. From the day of their purchase, the Loewentheils have attempted to gain access and use of part of the building for personal use only and this has been their only intention…. The Loewentheils have offered to hire an architect in order to obtain Historic Landmark status to protect the building from development despite Ms. O'Hara's objection to sharing in this cost.

"The Loewentheils, on behalf of the corporation, recently received an unsolicited offer from an unrelated third party to purchase the building from the corporation at an extremely advantageous price…. [At a meeting of the corporation's board of directors] it was discussed that the third-party buyer offered to provide Ms. O'Hara with a life tenancy for the theatre. The proceeds of the sale would be so substantial that if Ms. O'Hara agreed to the sale (as the building cannot be sold without her permission), she could afford to purchase or rent an apartment in the vicinity of the building if she would so choose, and still live close enough that she could easily and conveniently continue to operate the theatre.

"Ms. O'Hara was never told by the Loewentheils that she would have to give up her apartment. The corporation did not threaten to evict Ms. O'Hara. The Loewentheils did not threaten to evict Ms. O'Hara."

The letter concludes, "The Loewentheils hope to work out an amicable agreement so that they may at some future time live in the townhouse themselves and have made no decision about the future of the theatre. They prefer to work out a mutually agreeable solution with Ms. O'Hara. However, after a year of fruitless negotiations…the family has no choice but to seek legal resolution of this conflict, both for their own sake and for the safety of all those who reside or attend performances in the building."

What will come next if O'Hara doesn't vacate? According to Kanbar, Loewentheil must file a petition with the city's landlord-tenant court to remove a tenant from the premises. The court will hear the petition and make a ruling, a proceeding that typically occurs quickly, said Kanbar.

CORE24 - " Drawing the Curtains"

Gina Stec, Vinnie Penna and I met with writer/director Tim Sutton late in the day on Saturday to discuss the 10 minute play for the CORE24 Play Festival. The name of the play was DRAWING THE CURTAINS, a dark comedy about a couple (played by Gina and I) desperately fighting to save our comatose baby's life, with the help of Dr. Miraldi (Vinnie). The best way I can describe what happens in the play is that everything and everyone is not what they seem.

We were the first play, of the five, to perform the play last evening and I was very happy at how it all came out. I had a chance to watch the other plays and was impressed with them as well.

Overall, it was a very rewarding experience.

Thanks again to John Hurley for the heads up on this event; to Tim Sutton, Gina and Vinnie for their kindness and professionalism.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

CORE Play Festival Update

At 10am this morning, I attended the first meeting of the Core Play Festival that performs tomorrow night at 7pm.

I will be working with writer/director Tim Sutton who will be penning black comedy from now until 4pm. There are two others actors in the piece, Vinnie and Gina, whom I met only briefly. I'm looking forward to working on the piece and being a part of this event.

It was nice to see colleagues Tim Flynn (Measure for Measure) and Tom Knutson (Twelfth Night of the Living Dead) who will also be appearing in one of the 5 plays.

After 4pm, I will likely be in and out of rehearsal until 7pm tomorrow night.

Should be exhausting and rewarding.

Can't wait.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Director John Hurley (Measure for Measure, Twelfth Night of the Living Dead), who also serves as the Artistic Director of the CORE Theatre Co. is having one of those 35 hour play festivals where all the participants will meet from 10-11am on Saturday the 17th to go over details and draw for random lines, actors, themes, etc. Scripts are due at 4pm that same day (when they will be distributed to the actors). It's up to the writer how much the show rehearses (as they will also be directing it), but it goes up at 7pm on Sunday.

I've never done anything like this before, but it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Here's all the info:

UP FOR GRABS! a new CORE24 experience
5 Playwrights
10 Actors
6 Variables (including theme and genre)
24 hours (excluding sleep time)
Sunday, February 18
7 PM Center Stage
48 West 21st Street, 4th floor buzzer #7
(bet. 5th and 6th Aves.)
Reservation line: 212-479-7932
Admission: Pay as you will

New Videos on Website

"Why I Fired My Secretary" and "The SafeHouse" episode of the Gootube Conspiracy are now available for viewing on my website at

Other videos should be up on the site in the coming days.

Thanks again to Kyle Pierson.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I met with Nathaniel Paluga last evening to once again discuss NOTHING MORE THAN EVERYTHING. We agreed that it might be a good idea to release some roughly cut scenes on the net, see what people's reactions are.

Two scenes are now on YouTube, both short. One features a priest named Father Daniel Madigan, played by me, viewing the aftermath of a car accident. The other features me as an old man trying to lead Catherine Graham (as a young boy) away from smoking cigarettes, with little success.

Bear in mind that these are rough cuts, far from perfect, but they do give an idea what Nathaniel is going for as far as theme...I hope.

The Priest Rough Cut Is Available At:

The Old Man Rough Cut Is Available At:

Why I Fired My Secretary

WHY I FIRED MY SECRETARY, directed by Harris Masood Based on a really funny joke.


Thanks to Harris for getting the film together so quickly.

Monday, February 12, 2007




Directed by Jon Ciccarelli and Leticia Diaz

Michael Hagins, Susan Mirwis, Dan Burkarth,
Timothy J Cox, Elizabeth Yocam, Gerry Kirschbaum, Manny Liyes,
Lauren Kelston, David R King, Roy Aialon,
Alice Starr McFarland, Dan Zimmerman
and Michael Rhett

Premiering at:
Access Theater
380 Broadway, 4th Floor

March 15-24, 2007
*tickets - $20 / $25
*A portion of all proceeds will go to benefit the United Negro College Fund or call 866-448-2584
for show information, cast bios & ticket specials

Reserve your tickets for THE MIRACLE WORKER

A reservation number has been set up to take reservations for the Hudson Theatre Ensemble's production of THE MIRACLE WORKER. That number is 201-377-7014.

The dates and times of the performances are as follows:

Friday - 4/6/07 8PM
Saturday - 4/7/07 8PM
Friday - 4/13/07 8PM
Saturday - 4/14/07 3PM and 8PM
Sunday - 4/15/07 3PM

The admission charges are as follows:

$15 General Admission
$10 Seniors
$8 Students

CAST: Iloire K. Blanos; Grace Conrad; Timothy J. Cox; Phoebe Crego;
Dave Erbach; Morgan Fields; Chris Martinez; George Molshvili; Florence Pape;
Hannah Plotka; Kelly Reeves; Violet Stanziani; Helene Taylor; Thomas
Tyburski; Matthew Wisniewski

CREW: Laurie Brongo; Pamela A. Campbell; Diana London; Justin
McCormick; Susan Newman; Florence Pape; Sheila Phalon; Damian Pizzo

The theatre covers their expenses by audience development and by ad sales. If
anyone knows any potential advertisers (businesses, services, lawyers,
architects, banks, stock brokers, decorators, doctors, dentists,
orthodontists, accountants, tax preparers, dry cleaners, hardware
stores, sporting goods stores, restaurants, plumbers, electricians,
contractors, etc etc etc ) who would like to support the production, the company will be enormously grateful.

The prices are as follows for a black and white ad: full page (8 1/2 x 11): $100; 1/2 page $75; 1/4 page: $40. In addition, they are offering a special super-duper rate of $20 for a 1/4 page ad for family and friends of the Miracle Worker
cast and crew who would like to personally congratulate and cheer on their
favorite actors and crew.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Few Things...

- The TRIUMPHANT HEARTS shoot yesterday went a little longer than expected, but it was still an enjoyable experience. Thanks again to Ty Williams for allowing me to be a part of the film.

- Received word that during this past week, Ritchie Steven Fillipi of Utopian Productions has made some really good progress on the post production of the Roger Stern films (TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO KNOW and GIVE MY REGARDS) that I filmed a year ago.

- I'm meeting again with Nathaniel Paluga of T&B Motion Picture Company tomorrow night to finish viewing the tapes for NOTHING MORE THAN EVERYTHING. Hopefully, some of the vignettes mentioned in earlier posts will be featured on the Internet in the coming weeks.

- Harris Masood of HRM Productions contacted me today about the status of WHY I FIRED MY SECRETARY. The film is finished and will be released on the net tomorrow. Stay tuned. Thanks Harris!

- My first rehearsal for THE MIRACLE WORKER finished an hour ago and it was a delightful intro to what I know is going to be a fantastic production. Laurie Brongo is a splendid director; I feel like I'm safe hands and actress Kelly Reeves (as Annie Sullivan) is a delight to work with thus far, offstage and on. I am off until the 25th. Got some work to do on the script.

- Keep an eye out for new video additions to the website. In the next few days, I hope to have scenes from MOON CALVES, THE GOOTUBE CONSPIRACY, DANTE ONE SHOT, THE OFFER and PADDY WHACKED: THE IRISH MOB up on the website. Thanks to Kyle Pierson for his continued upkeep of the website.

Friday, February 09, 2007


SIX DEGREES rehearsal last evening was spectacular. All of the scenes now are starting to take shape with a lot of energy. We still have a long way to go until March 15th, but I'm excited to see how it's coming along thus far.

My first rehearsal for THE MIRACLE WORKER is on Sunday. Looking forward to that.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The shoot for the Gibbs School Thesis Project, TRIUMPHANT HEARTS takes place this weekend. It should be a short day of shooting for me, as I only have a brief scene in the film.

Back with SIX DEGREES tomorrow.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pictures from the "Why I Fired My Secretary?" Shoot

Thanks to Sammy Cesare for these pictures.

Director Harris Masood setting up a shot.

Here I am pictured with Harris and my co-star, Tara Piccolo.

Friday, February 02, 2007


The cast for THE MIRACLE WORKER met Wednesday night and it promises to be a splendid production. Director Laurie Brongo has assembled a fine group of actors for the production.

We jumped into a reading of a few scenes. Laurie is already excited by the passion and talent in the company.

Here is the cast list:

Helene Taylor - Kate Keller
Dave Ehrbach - Mr. Keller
Florence Pape - Aunt Ev
Matthew Wisniewski - James Keller:
Phoebe Crego - Helen Keller
Illoire K Blanos - Ivy
Timothy J. Cox - Mr. Anagnos
Kelly Reeves - Annie Sullivan
Thomas Tyburski - Doctor

Next rehearsal for me is February 11th.

Performances will take place on April 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th and the 15th at the Hudson School Performance Space, 601 Park Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030.